About Us

Our Company

AgentX Industries has a diversity of research topics, ranging from game development and manufacturing systems to designing services. We have a strong and dedicated workforce.

Our History

AgentX Industries traces its roots back to 2007, when Landon Arnold first started designing vehicles with a grand vision: to make the world better. His philosophy was that transportation was one of the most essential aspects of our society and that improving our transportation was an important part of our continuous development. Today, we are one step closer to this goal with the development of the Phantom Electric AWD.

Our Website

This Neocities website was created on April 12, 2016 to showcase the original AXI Phantom AWD. Since then, we have updated the design and created much content. In June 2017, we created a dynamic site at https://axi.x10.mx. The x10 site has experienced some downtime, and we have created two more sites. All four of our sites continue to coexist and complement each others features.