AXI Aetheria 2021
AXI Aetheria 2020 preview

Expect lots of pictures!

Featuring a compact 10.8W dual electric motor assembly, Ackermann steering geometry, and a dual-speed gearbox.

Streamlined styling and the unique outline of the front fenders give the Aetheria a dynamic stance whether its standing still or speeding along.

Radical times call for radical designs. The AXI Aetheria is libre and open-source, driving towards a sustainable commons for everyone.

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Dual electric motor
10.8W 2×PF XL
Ackermann steering geometry
Smooth cornering
Dual-speed gearbox
For flat ground and uphill

Top Speed (flat ground): 2.2km/h 1

Max Range: 4.1km 2

Weight: 2.29kg

Dimensions: 46cm | 22.5cm | 15cm

Max Power: 0.014hp 3

1528 pieces

1. Measured 5m/8.3s @ full charge high gear, 5m/9.5s @ 70% charge high, 5m/11.5s @ 70% charge low
2. Calculated 2.3 Ah * 7.8V / 9.6W * 2.2km/h
3. Motor max power 10.8W; cruise power 9.6W

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - if you have a 2018 Phantom M, you can switch to the 2021 Aetheria without needing more materials.