AXI Aetheria 2021
AXI Aetheria 2020 bright against dark clouds

Featuring a compact 10.8W dual electric motor assembly, Ackermann steering geometry, and a dual-speed gearbox.

Streamlined styling and the unique outline of the front fenders give the Aetheria a dynamic stance whether its standing still or speeding along.

Radical times call for radical designs. The AXI Aetheria is libre and open-source, driving towards a sustainable commons for everyone.

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Dual electric motor
10.8W 2×PF XL
Electric motors Maximum speed 220 RPM
Maximum torque 180.8 mNm
Drives the rear wheels via differential.
Ackermann steering geometry
Smooth cornering
Ackermann steering Trapezoidal pivot layout ensures that all wheels travel on concentric paths, reducing the amount of tire slipping and increasing efficiency while turning.
Dual-speed gearbox
Versatile performance
Gearbox Low gear 1:1 for climbing hills and rough terrain
High gear 2:1 for flat road and track

Quick-swap battery mechanism ensures less downtime.

Capture the essence of a fiery sunset with the vivid black-and-red color scheme.

Interior design complements the Aetheria's performance characteristics.

Interior styling
Battery swap
Reflections in camera lens

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - if you have a 2018 Phantom M, you can switch to the 2021 Aetheria without needing more materials. The Earth does not contain infinite resources, and we have designed accordingly - the 2021 Aetheria embraces the synergy of efficiency and performance.

Top Speed: 2.2km/h 1

Average Range: 4.1km 2

Weight: 2.29kg

Dimensions: 46cm | 22.5cm | 15cm

Max Power: 0.014hp 3

1528 pieces

1. Measured 5m/8.3s @ full charge high gear on flat ground
2. Calculated 2.3 Ah * 7.8V / 9.6W * 2.2km/h
3. Motor max power 10.8W; cruise power 9.6W

Bright sunset, ice Dramatic sunset, clouds

Estimated componentwise price: $650 CAD

The AXI Aetheria is libre: we provide the bill of materials, assembly instructions, and support, for free.

Contact us for more information and prospective inquiries.