AXI Visualizer

The AXI Visualizer: Animator is now available for Windows and Mac. For more details go to the Animation start page.

Revision 1:
New features: Bone/Joint renaming, per-texture selection, save as project
Removed bugs: Exporting already-created rigs adds offset to each joint, Intel graphics chips are strict on __constant

Pending features / bugs: exporting model from Pose includes the world-space translate, scale rig with character

The product key for AXI Visualizer: Animator is "AXIApproved!" (without quotes).

If you have any questions contact us.

AXI Orchestra of Legends AXI Combat Windows v1.

Link and Zelda chase after each other in this multi-rig control demo.
Mac OSX (direct link)
Windows (dirct link)
Windows alternate