AXI Chat Application Help

For native installed apps

Logging in:

Enter a username into the "Username" field. Then press the "Login" button. Some usernames may be already taken by other users. To connect to a different server, enter the server IP or hostname into the "Server" field. Local servers must be configured with the AXI Local Chat Server setup tool.

Main window:

The top-center text box is the console, where status messages are displayed. The large text box in the middle-center is the conversation field, where results are displayed. To view activity, press the "Refresh" button. Features include semi-encrypted public channels and one-on-one fully-encrypted private messaging.


After a successful login, the public channel is shown. To use a different channel, enter the channel number (an integer) into the "Channel" field. To return to the public channel, just clear the field with the Backspace or Delete keys.

Private messaging:

Images from top left, clockwise: 1) User TestB is about to initiate a private connection with user TestA by pressing the Connect button. 2) User TestA, upon receipt of request, prepares to Accept the connection. 3) User TestB prepares to Finalize the connection after receiving TestA's acknowledgement. 4) TestB is able to chat privately with TestA.

All channels may be viewed by any AXI Chat user. For one-on-one, encrypted messaging, start by checking if the target user is online. Then, click on the "Chat privately" checkbox to start the process. Enter the target username into the "With:" field. If you are initiating the private connection, click "Connect". However, if the other user has initiated the connection and you see "[User] wants to chat with you.", click "Accept connection". After accepting a connection, you will enter the private chat mode.

If you initiated the connection and the other user has accepted it, you will also see "[User] wants to chat with you." In this case, press the "Finalize" button to compute the final connection key. After successful computation, you will enter the private chat mode.

Widget descriptions:

To view the specific widget shown on the image, click on that part. Hovering over a widget in the image will show its name as a tooltip.