A comprehensive sample of dreams, from Jan 2018 to Jul 2019.

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Jan 25 (Thurs)

(Partial) Me and someone else (possibly William Wang) were in the Terrienne world. We were trying to escape. We were in a suburban neighborhood with plenty of houses, sidewalk, greenery. We started running fast, and I was happy that we could run fast together. Whenever a car approached we would slow down and try not to breathe. Once a car slowed down and seemed to be suspicious about us but it went away. We turned onto a collector road. Then we saw 2 groups of 2 people each coming from opposite directions and they were going to meet us. We tried not to breathe. (skip ahead) We were on the path beside the forest near the backyard (Roberta Bondar School) walking / running towards the road. We noticed one of the 2 groups was following us. We passed them and William yawned. I was worried, but then we saw / heard one of the other people yawn. Then we turned around and asked them which world they came from. They said some random syllables, and we said that we had never heard of that world. We did not say that we came from Earth.

Part 1.5: Me, family, and family friends were walking on a trail in a park (like Gatineau). We saw a huge butterfly, yellow like a fallen leaf, with a black spot in the middle of each wing. Then it landed on a tree, where we saw 3 or 4 more of the same butterfly, and one other red/green butterfly (their wingspans were all around a person's height). Then I tried to take a picture, but I initially couldn't find which pocket I put the phone in. Then when I pulled it out (iPhone X) the camera app was blurry and slow and on video mode, and I got pretty angry at it.

Part 2: Half Minecraft, half real; me and someone were flying across a small ocean, and we saw some really cool mountains / landscape ahead, it was nighttime but the mountains had some sort of torch-light on them. Then apparently we were actually watching a movie / playing a game because the characters turned into Mario and another character (presumably Luigi) and they continued flying into some sort of garden. The Mario-style grass was very green and it covered mud (it had recently rained before).

Part 3: Three people were trying to escape from a small town. Two people were locked inside bedrooms in buildings, and the third was either negotiating with captors or had already escaped. The three were apparently from another world. The two still trapped were apparently Mrs. Coulter and Will Parry. Mrs. Coulter opened a window, and there was a square opening that she could barely fit through. Then she cried or screamed a couple of times. The townspeople thought that there was a ghost. Eventually Will Parry heard the rumor, and he tried opening his window, giving him a rectangular opening. Then he saw Mrs. Coulter in the next building and told her to come out and escape.

Jan 26 (Fri)
(Partial): OYO was about to give a concert, we were waiting for OJYO to finish, eventually it did. Then we were called to a door beside the stage, leading into a gym with a temporary table. On the table were green & white leaflets / brochures; I picked one up and it was a calendar showing what concerts we would perform, and for who. One of the people was William Aberhart, next week sometime. (...) We were in Kowloon supermarket, people were looking at stuff, I walked around but didn't want to buy anything.

Jan 30 (Tues)
Part A: We were on an overnight field trip (maybe for skiing), and me and AT were sharing a room. However, I was also inside / observing another room, where two people came in at a random point in the middle of the night. Then a teacher threw blankets on them. Then Mr. Wasylyk came into our room and woke us up, and he was very angry that the other teacher "endorsed" the two students and also that the school was so poor that they had to put two people per room. He said rather forcefully "We need to separate you two" and I replied quietly "That's probably a good idea."

Part B: We were just finishing Business class, and me and one other student were still packing up our bags. Then Mr. Anderson turned off the lights (probably because he was in a hurry.) I said "Wait a second, we're almost done" but he told us to hurry up. Then one desk in the front corner [where Jerry usually sits] had a bunch of plastic dishes / plates on it.

Part C: I was talking to Angela Chen in Business class and she urged me to not be afraid and to ask Carolyn out (probably for a date).

Part D: I couldn't catch any of the buses after school (possibly because I was getting my skis) so I walked down a path (similar to Greenboro paths) to get to another bus stop. Then I reversed direction and went back to school for some reason. Then I realised that I forgot my skis on the path. Then I went to the visitor's change room which was actually a ski shop to check whether they still had any skis (of the same model) and they were out. Then I went back on the path, and found a "lost and found" place seemingly dedicated to skis; there was a rack for boots too. I grabbed my stuff and went off.

(Wed or Thurs)
At home, some sort of natural disaster; there was a jaguar / big cat coming through the back door, tried to escape by moving around the stairs.
Also dreamt about Gabes (VM)

Feb 4 (Sun)
On a mission; me and someone else were trying to escape after doing something; we were in an alleyway between red brick buildings, I was pushing some shopping carts; people were chasing us and one person using a cart to block our path, but I rammed our carts into his and got us enough time to run past. Then, we were on a bridge, it was sunny, blue skies, green grass, and sandy beaches. I knew what was going on (possibly dreamt this before), and we looked up and saw a bird cawing; and I knew that there was going to be helicopters etc. chasing us. So we ran for the nearest shelter. However, I couldn't get traction on the ground, and I had to swim through the air to get into the building. However, the shelter was just one or two toroidal rooms with no other exit, so we couldn't stay there. Apparently, the last time this happened we continued to run above ground and we got caught, so this time we went back outside to find somewhere underground. There was a hole / cave beside the road, and it was the only choice so we went in. Then we knew there were mobs nearby, and we went into and opened the door to the first side room to the left, where some cartoon animals were sitting around, but they were disguises so we took Minecraft axes and cut up the animals. However, they didn't stop talking and one of them fell down somewhere before we could get it. Then we opened the door again to get back out and the last animal was waiting there, so I killed it. Then... there was a group of us, exploring the "cave" and rooting out mobs; but I knew that we had to use a Minecraft guardian to help defeat a group of mobs. The guardian was at the top of a passage, and we used an item to guide it to the room with remaining mobs. Then we defeated the mobs and lit up the room with torches. Finally, there was only a few more unexplored passages starting from a room.

June 25 or 26
We were travelling in China, and we decided to go to some islands and see a famous temple. We arrived on the main island by plane or car, and we parked somewhere and walked to the park containing the temple. It was sunny, blue sky, and the park was green grass and trees, with some footpaths and picnic tables. The park was right next to the dark blue ocean. The temple was a cube with light blue and grey patterns. We walked around the park, but there was a lot of people hanging around the back side, so we walked up the footpath (and a gradual hill) to the front of the temple. The front was touristy, with white paved blocks and a big parking lot. There was a stone railing at the edge where people could look at the ocean. We tried to enter the temple, there were a few lanes for admission. We went to a middle lane, and the security guard asked us for our tickets. Apparently Dad had already reserved a space for us tomorrow, and we told the guard, but he said it would be 1.5 times extra if we wanted to go today. Dad said something like "oh really" and he pulled us to the leftmost lane with no security guards, and we went in. Inside, the temple was a large stone cube with rectangular passages cut through. It was dark and damp, and the passages were like a maze. We went as straight as possible, and eventually came out the other side. Outside was a narrow walkway around the edge of the temple. Outside looked sort of like the Rockies; it was cloudy, there was a turquoise lake, trees, and on the other side of the lake was a snowy hill. At first the hill seemed to have horizontal trees sticking out which was very strange, but then the clouds cleared slightly and I saw that it was actually a super steep and tall mountain with almost vertical sides and trees sticking out all over. We took some pictures of the mountain and the beautiful surroundings, then we walked on the walkway around the temple because we didn't want to go back inside. There were some doors leading into the temple, some with maintenance signs. Eventually about halfway back to the entrance, we had to go back in because there was a door blocking the way. We entered and eventually went up some stairs. There was a gift shop with sliding glass doors. We went in. Apparently there was a hawker in one corner so we went around to the exit. I pushed the dark brown door and we went down another staircase, this time there were windows and it was hot in the stairwell. I pushed another door open and we were in the front lobby area, and we exited out through the same lane as we entered.

Aug 31
[...] We were going on a field trip. We had arrived at a meeting place (a parking lot beside a main road) where buses would pick up each class separately. Me and someone else (probably Henry) couldn't find the other VM gr. 8 people. We walked around. I saw a bus and some people on the other side of the road and went back to tell Henry, but when we looked again the people dissapeared. [...] We were standing in the field outside (Roberta Bondar), we had found our group, and were all waiting for something. I had Alan's small backpack with a water bottle inside (and probably a phone). Somebody was checking if everyone had the necessary supplies, she said "you should only have your water bottle strapped in your belt", but I said that I had the backpack and she said "oh, you have that type of backpack".

Sep 7 or 8
We were in a city square... We were waiting for someone... I ran around... I got to a pathway through grass, to the left were diagonally oriented buildings (possibly a university). It was cloudy. I tried running, but there was not enough gravity. So I took big jumps / leaps with both legs at the same time, and it was fast enough [I think this is the first time I started leaping instead of trying to keep running in low-G]. [...] A room inside the building with 2 glass walls, a "swimming pool", and a L-shaped walkway that led to the rest of the campus complex; I was half-scared of stuff chasing me [like Minecraft] and was waiting in the brightest glass corner of the room.

Sep 22
I was at a tourist attraction, the top of a tower. There were some terrorist snipers on roofs of surrounding buildings shooting at us. Most people evacuated. I tried throwing drink cans at the snipers to distract / disarm them. I hit a nearer group once.
[... 2 or 3 more parts...]

Oct. 3 (Geo field trip)
1. We were in class; all sitting on one long wooden bench near the front of the class. The teacher was talking, and there was a blackboard. The classroom resembled the VM english classroom. I was sitting about 1/3 from the left end of the bench. Angela Chen was on my right. She was wearing her turquoise shirt and possibly white/beige pants. While shifting positions, our elbows touched. Then I put my arm around her waist. I immediately said/whispered "Sorry, is that too much?" without looking at her to avoid drawing the teacher's attention. She understood that too, and replied quietly. Then she turned into Henry, who put his arm around my waist and said "No, it's fine".
2. Last period had already finished and I was rushing towards tennis practice (I stayed behind for whatever reason). I ran through the hallway leading outside. I ran outside, the tennis courts were on my left, and it was surrounded by grass and trees; the whole scene felt deep green. I rounded the corner of the fence and saw William Dorval on the other side running for a ball.
3. For homework for science class, I downloaded an educational app to learn about ecosystems. It was a VR app, using the gyroscope to determine where you were facing. You were supposed to find specific things (ex. animal species or biotic feature). The first "level" was a forest. I spawned in a small ravine, and climbed up a rock to level ground. There were some orange mushrooms next to the rock, but they weren't my target. You also had to avoid predators. I turned on invisibility (one of 3 buttons from a full-screen, semi-transparent white menu) to be safe from predators, and began looking around. But after a few seconds when I turned around I was surrounded by a bear, a wolf, and a coyote all around me - they could still smell me, and I hadn't turned on the sound. I tried to back up but the coyote was behind me.

Oct. 14 or 15
I was doing stuff in the driveway, then a dark red car approached. Driver was Ms. Reiche, Ana Spasojevic was passenger and Kailey Chen was sitting behind. They waved at me, I waved back, then they went away.

Oct. 20
[...] I was holding a Subway. I walked into a Subway (felt like the one in Tianjin close to our place).
[...] We were walking up a hill / mountain, it was fall and the leaves were all yellow and orange. It was sunny and the sky was very blue. The trail was winding. We went up and eventually got to a "temple". The building was all grey, one story, half restaurant and half conference hall. The ceiling overhang a porch around the front. We went in? We went back out. Theen we walked back down the path.
[...] I was walking along an old road in some park. It was sunny. There was tall light green grass (shoulder to head height) along both sides. The road curved slightly to the left ahead, following the coast of a lake or ocean. Farther away was forest. I was "thinking" about 2 elves. There was a paved branch on the right that went down to a small beach. After walking past that, I heard a bus coming. It went down the branch to a stop, then started coming back up. I decided to "hide" on a smaller gravel path branch leading inland (left). There was a wooden waypoint sign with distances (like Gatineau) in a corner of the intersection. The bus went onto another large paved path inland, I turned around to follow it. The road got wider and newer, and there was a white building and bus shelters. I saw my "teammate" David Hao. We needed to get to St. Laurent station. Inside the shelter there was a timing screen. We could take the 48, 88, or 108. Shaheer was inside, and he said we could take 3 buses. A 108 came (from the coast) and we got on. The next stop was Louis-Riel, then St. Laurent.

Oct. 21
[...] Me and Awwab were touring a mansion / estate on a mountain. We were travelling with other people but we decided to split up into pairs. We walked up some stairs. We met two twin sisters who were practicing shooting arrows at each other. We walked up some more stairs and met Yassin and his "buddy". They were trying to take pictures of each other, then when we met they asked me to take a picture of them. Their camera had 2 physical rings, one for zoom and one for exposure. It was cool, I took a few picture of them. A big city was "below" us, lots of tall and short buildings. We continued up, and the others followed us. We reached a fork leading around a moldy rock. Yassin had trouble breathing and I said it was the mold, I covered my nose with my shirt while we walked around and up on to the rock. The mansion was right in front of us, with dark wooden everything, and porch and windows.
[...] We were walking around the city along the river. We were waiting for Mom to pick us up. We couldn't find each other. We searched for a specific port / building.

Oct. 26
[...] I was in the garage, the door was open and it was daytime (was it snowy white outside?) and saw a seagull flying around. I tried to catch it with a net. Then I saw a pile of dead seagulls lying on a table, and they had apparently all been poisoned by trying to eat a shrimp on another table. I smelled something strange, so I went away.

Oct. 28
[...] I was trying to get to a zone in some big transit terminal / convention center. I went down some dark wooden spiral stairs but they stopped right before the level I was going towards, so I went back up. It was a very big and maze-like building. Then I saw some escalators, except they were all going to the wrong floors. Then I saw a correct one and. But I had put a Phantom onto one of the wrong / broken escalators, so I quicky ran down the correct one to try to catch it before it fell. Then when I got to the bottom, there were 2 Phantom M's and a Phantom AWD. I was very excited because I could take pictures of all of them together.

Nov. 1
[...] I was driving around the Greenbelt, going north. We came to a familiar place where an industrial building surrounded by a metal fence was on the left, and there were some other buildings on the right. We passed a pointed, modern style building which was apparently a restaurant / buffet, and where either Dragos or Sziladi met frequently. It was cloudy and bright, the grass was fully green.

Nov. 3
We were hiking along a path, then I went up a side path onto a bare place. We were in a very moutainous area (like the pictures of Norway). We were on one of the lower peaks, but there was still a very good view if we went to the top. I walked around, gradually getting higher, the sides were sloping more like a hill than a mountain, but they were still pretty steep and deep. The "peak" was a sharp, star-shaped cone rising a few meters above the top of the "hill". I jogged towards it thinking it would be easy to climb up, but I worried that it was higher because I didn't see where it touched the ground. But eventually I climbed on top and the view was excellent. We could see all the other mountains.

Nov. 4
[...] We were in Waterloo or some other university town. We were driving around. Apparently the graduate schools were in different areas, the Geo college was northwest of the main town. I was driving along a highway northeast, it was night. I turned on cruise control. To the left there was a very bright modern building, but as I passed it it turned darker and I saw that the walls were slats and one side was bright. In between the slats was glass. It looked like a very cool building. I decided to take another look when I was going back. After a while, there was a slow car in front. I stepped on the brake pedal but nothing happened. I stepped very hard and it slowed down slightly but not enough. I said "hey!". I stepped as hard as possible and slowed down just enough. Next was a left curve. Again, the brake pedal did almost nothing. I thought that it was because of the cruise control and I turned it off (with my left thumb). It got better.
[...] I was on a big road (double road like highway) in some wilderness (like Gatineau). The sky was light grey, there were pine trees along the sides of the road (a forest), and some grass in the middle. The road curved to the right ahead. There were lots of small kids and some adult supervisors. The kids were sprinting along a small stretch of road to test out their backpacks / propulsion. Most had gas-powered ones, but one had an electric motor and solar panels. I was "wearing" the Phantom with 2 electric motors and a servo. I apparenly also had solar panels. I apparently was also on the CRV so gas. I lined up just like the other kids (4 or 5 ran together to race) on the leftmost line. One adult commented on the kid who had an electric motor. I eventually raced with some other kids, and it was sort of low gravity so I had to leap and bounds. I thought I was part of the "camp" and some adult would do stuff, but they all ignored me so I got out of the way. I started running away. Mom came too. Apparently I could only run as fast as my backpack could, so I turned up the gas / motor and found that I could run / leap a little faster. Ahead there was a door (gray frame, mostly glass with metal push bar that released a catch on the right side). We entered. It was a long hallway with beige floor and walls. There were no doors or anything on the sides of the hallway. Eventually we got to another door (the exact same as the first), which opened onto another matching hallway. Near the end of this 2nd hallway, I heard a single footstep, that made us a little anxious. We opened another door to a third hallway, still exactly the same. There were more random / unlinked footsteps, and I realised that the king was angry that I had escaped. Now they would be chasing me. We went through another door into another hall. This time there was a leftwards branch in the middle section. I thought that we should go a little farther to throw off the king's searchers. The 5th hallway had multiple branches on the left. I went into the first one right beside the entry door (all the branches had the same doors as the hallways) and entered an old brick building. I ran around some passages and through some doors (red frame this time) and eventually got to a big stairwell. I was supposed to get to "Dretske 4th" floor to rendezvous with the secret revolutionaries who would pick me up and go somewhere safe. So I went up but as I was passing the 3rd floor someone came out of the 4th floor door. I initially hid underneath his stairs, but unfortunately the stairs were unconnected metal steps so you could see through them horizontally. I decided just to go down instead, so I floated down the stairs. Unfortunately the guy had poked his head out just to see whether someone was in he stairwell. When we saw each other he said "too many ____'s in here!" referring to me, and he ran away. Then I knew the alarm had gone off, and there was no chance of reaching the rendezvous so I just had to escape. I floated down to the 2nd floor and exited the stairwell through another red push-release door (the stairwell had all opaque doors). This led to a small hallway, turning left there was glass on the left and brick on the right, concrete floor. I ran and got to a set of more doors, leading right outside! I opened a door but unfortunately there was a guard there who turned around and tried to aim a laser pointer at me. Then I half woke up and wondered what would have happened if I turned and let the laser hit my backpack or alternatively went back inside to find another way out.

Nov. 6
[...] We were getting off a bus from its right, but we crossed the road in front of it to get to a building. It was sunny but we were in the blue shadow of the building.
[...] We were at a downhill ski field trip. The girls change room was on ground level and the boys change room was upstairs. The teacher said something around "Girls, you don't want to be in the wrong change room because you want to preserve your eyes". We split up, upstairs was a large polygonal room with windows on near half and other rooms in the back.

Nov. 7
[...] I was running to the change room right before our concert. The halls were concrete, dark grey, there were some plants and some light wooden accents. The ceiling was bare and there were bar lights. There was a long line up for the bathroom but I bypassed it. However, I saw VM Emma in the line wearing colourful clothes and gestured confusion, and she smiled at me so I assumed she had changed gender.
[...] We were "captured" by the government, and the rebels were going to try to take us back. We were in a large estate in a very rich suburban neighborhood. We walked on a driveway up a hill to look at the "master"'s house. Past our point, the road curved downhill to the right to a T-junction with another road. Suddenly, the general told us that the rebels were launching an attack to try to take us, so we had to get back to the house. We started running back, there was low gravity so I had to leap. Then the general drove up in a hovercar to get to the battlefield. We went a little faster. I mentally increased my rpm as much as possible and floated a little faster. Then the master drove up in a Bugatti and said something like "I'll take care of them". After passing a stop sign, we eventually got back to the house.

Nov. 11
1. [...] We were walking along a forest trail, the ground and trees were all bare (no snow, no leaves). There was some water flowing. We got to the bottom of a tall hill, I ran up to take some photos. We were above the clouds. Then a big group of tourists came, and the clouds faded away. I went down the hill to search for the others, but couldn't find them so I went back up the hill.
4. We were doing a ski trip. On the bus it was very sunny and the snow level seemed doubtful, but when we got to the site (near Conroy Pit) it looked excellent. I was the first off the bus, Stuart was right behind me. We already had skis on but no poles. It was cloudy and blue-purple-grey. We skiied a few seconds along the main road which was covered in snow, then we went up the little hill to the chalet and flat field. Apparently, a common thing to do was to leave skis and boots on the field before the snow, and then retrieve them when you first went skiing. I apparently did this, so while other people were doing stuff (maybe renting skis) I went around the field looking for my boots and skis. I saw Sarah R. and told her about my situation. She said she did it too and found hers, but maybe I should look inside the chalet. I went inside a door and there was a stairwell. Another door was locked. I went up one floor and there was another door. I opened it and there was another stairwell, and there was a random piece of wood on the stairs.

Nov. 12
We were on a field trip to see some US university (probably Stanford). We were waiting in a courtyard outside. I was bored so I looked around, and saw a footpath saying something like "shortcut". I followed it but it led to a dead end (we would have had to climb on a sloping roof). So I decided to see if there was another way out. I went "inside" a building, but then people started moving, so I had to catch up to the people that I wanted to be with. We went down a square spiral staircase, I pushed through some groups to stand beside Fatto.

Nov. 13
[...] I was "carpooling" with Max von Althen, he was driving, we were in a Caravan. The engine had a resonance problem (like buses) at around 2000 rpm.
[...] We were in a Lego house / RV trailer?

Nov. 14
[...] Going on a bus that flew around in the air (but still had wheels and a loud engine), over & through a big city with some super super tall buildings. Most of the low buildings were tones of white, but the mega-buildings were mostly black and dark gray; some of them were still under construction. The sky was deep blue, the faraway surroundings felt a bit like Los Angeles from the air.
[...] Following a path that led to a cliff to the ocean, there were white arrows pointing outward. I accidentally went off the cliff but I could fly / swim through the air back on to land.

Nov. 18
[...] I was going to rescue some hero who was trapped. I found an orb and some other items that allowed me to go into an alternate universe. I was on the driveway, it was night and snowy. Bad people had taken over the house. I thought nobody could see mee, but I heard some voices shouting about me. So I took out the orb and switched to the parallel world. It was sunny and the ground was bare earth. Everything human-made stayed the same. I went into the backyard. I waited. Then some friends (around 5) came and we formed a huddle, Xiao and David Chen were beside me. We were supposed to train for battle. But there were some neutral people in the kitchen looking at us, and there was also a hooded figure talking on his cellphone. I was holding the portal thing which was a box that glowed bright blue on one side. I knew the hooded person was probably a spy for the bad guys, so I ran to the orb stuff still on the driveway, picked it up and ran back, then whispered to my friends that we will train in the normal world.

Nov. 30
[...] Some powerful evil witch wanted to capture me. I was in a small parking lot of a small mall, and the witch and 2 assistants got out of a car. The witch used a spell to attract me towards her; it worked but I was holding a knife and it worked on that too. I let go of the knife and the spell worked on the knife, which went right into the witch's chest. The two assistants were horrified and I ran away into some dark woods.

Dec. 6
[...] I was in a large mall (like in China). It was cloudy, blue/grey, relatively dark outisde, and there was not much lighting. There were some escalators. We wanted to go to a restaurant; they were all on the 4th floor. We took some escalators. There was a half-floor place with some fast food and some seats & tables.
[...] I was supposed to interview a dangerous criminal / bank robber. I caught up to him on an escalator and asked him for his story. He said "I'm not actually a dangerous criminal or a bank robber, I just want to give the fascists some money."

Dec. 8
[...] I was supposed to play double bass in the orchestra. I sat on a stool otherwise it was like a big cello. I took a stand and put it in front of me. I didn't know the string intervals and how far my hand had to move.

Dec. 9
[...] I was part of a criminal group, we were trying to escape the authorities. We were in a building. We took an elevator. We got off on some floor. The walls, floor, ceiling were all white.
There was a guard coming around the corner, so I quickly went into a side room. People were practicing martial arts. Apparently they were familiar with me. I was supposed to fight one person to see if I had improved. I was holding a long wooden stick with a bulge on one side; it was supposed to be a two-sided weapon but the balance was off. The first time I tried to fight her she kicked me. I said that I forgot you could do that. The second time I was a bit better and blocked several strikes. [I woke up sweating a little]
[...] We were on a long ski lift/gondola/telecabine with many poles
[...] The train went right through a coach bus. When it backed out, all the passengers and seats had dissapeared.
[...] There was a small poison ivy plant in the garage with one curled-up flower. I opened the phone and put in the direct Wikipedia url, which was actually a disambiguation page with one blurry photo of a plant. I clicked on the images text link and came to the right page.

Dec. 23
[...] We were chasing somebody around an abandoned building. [...] We were on a field trip which was a demonstration of some airplane. We went on it and we flew very low around a dark green grassy coast bordering a dark blue windy ocean. Looking out the right window, there seemed to be large chains of icebergs, but they were actually tall waves. Some of the waves were from our air wake. Eventually we got back and disembarked. [...]

Dec. 24
[...] I was in the house. There was a scream from outside and I looked out the front door and saw the neighboring house's roof collapse, along with some roofers. Then there was an american sitting on top of the roof who was holding a big gun / cannnon. He fired at some other houses and pedestrians. I took out my phone and started recording a video. I zoomed in on the person, who was wearing army suit and a helmet. There was a small flag on a pole next to him. The guy was wearing glasses (very thin borders) and had a fat-ish face and a mild-ish look. Then he turned around and saw me and he fired a shot at the front of the house. I turned around and leaped back, and the shot hit the bottom of the left door and there was a large explosion. When I turned around everything was still there though. I went into the living room to hide and peeked out. The person was still looking in my direction and he prepared to fire again. Then I called 911, the voice on the other end was very low and hard to hear, and the conversation time on the phone screen was counting up from around 1h40m. I ignored the muffled voice, said "there's someone shooting a cannon at my house," and was in the middle of giving the address when I woke up.

Dec. 26
[...] I was looking through my violins (apparently I had a dozen of them) in the living room, trying to find the best one. It was daytime, the curtains were closed and the ceiling lights were dim. I heard the front door open. The intruder was some sort of monk, bald and wearing a brown robe. I said "what are you doing? Get out now." But he said nothing and somehow lifted me up.

Dec. 30
[...] On the deck of a wooden ship?
[...] We were in the science lab idling and waiting for the last bell. I was trying to blow some test tubes and to get a chord. I figured that the easiest interval would be a 4th or 5th. I tried and succeeded in blowing a 4th with both tubes beside each other. I was happy, but everyone was in the next room, so I rinsed the two tubes. A non-science teacher walked by and noticed me but didn't do anything. I went to the room with everyone else. Other people in music / band had their instruments and some people had violins, but I only had my test tubes. Then the bell rang and people started filing out the door. I followed and was one of the first ones out. I looked around for people I knew but didn't see anyone.

Jan. 1
1. We (school) were skiing in Gatineau. I went ahead and wandered off the path. I got on to a vehicle road and walked some distance. Then I turned onto another snowy road and skiied a bit. Then I climbed back up and realized that I needed to get back to the others. I pulled out my phone and opened a map. I set the route and it showed the path in black. The path went outside the park limits (light green inside) on local roads. I initially decided to follow it, and went onto a small road in a little village. Then I remembered that the map didn't show a big hill and the path that it showed would have went down and back up the big hill. So I went down another path. Then gravity was very weak so I had to take big leaps and swim through the air for a few seconds at a time. Eventually I got to the bottom, which was a major road next to a river. The sky was cloudy, and it was cold but there was no snow. I looked at the map and realized that I took the road before the right one. So I leaped / flew back up the hill.
2. [...] We were driving and we were at a rest center. The entrance was on the 2nd floor  with 2 staircases by the sides.

          / \
         / O \
|                      |
|        +-+-+         |
|        | | | <=Main entrance
|      _-+-+-+-_       |  <- roof covering driveway attached this level
|    _-         -_     |
|  _-     +-+     -_   |
+=-=======+ +=======-==+
           Bottom entrance

I went in the main entrance to look for a bathroom. It was downstairs, so I went down an interior stair. The sign pointed to the right. Then a sign for the male bathroom was to the left. Apparently there was no female bathroom so everyone used the same one. I went back outside via the bottom entrance.
3. [...] School lunch, we were meeting in the auditorium for some spirit stuff. I came in from the left, went into a middle row and sat on the innermost empty seat, beside someone. The seats were dark red. I sort of lied down slightly to the right. Then the activity began. We were going to sing the Batman theme, and the projector displayed a black & gray Batman logo on the big screen. The very first note was some long and high E and it was very loud with everyone half screaming, but it was very in tune. I remembered the 2nd violin part and sung it. At some point I sang a 1/8 E E2 G G2 then a 1/4 (B or C)3. [I knew the song well but it definitely was not the actual Batman theme.] When it was over I sat up. Two girls to my left had arrived some time, and the one right beside me said something in Chinese to her friend. I agreed with the statement. I climbed into the row behind to get to my friends (possibly Fatto and Henry). I said hello, but then I saw or heard VM Emma in my original row. I went up to her and said hey and tried to hug her lightly over the seat but she jumped over me and did a front flip into the row behind me and I was left bending backwards over a seat. I sort of laughed and noticed VM Villime in the forward row, he said something sort of funny.

Jan. 2
[...] I was at a cross-country race. The course was extremely small, we ran counterclockwise on some grass in a forest. I saw Aliya and we waved to each other. After the final lap we exited the loop and ran towards a hill. I passed a few people. On top of the small hill we had to answer some trivia questions for bonus points. I tried a few but they were too hard.
2. A female was angry that she wasn't allowed to drive in a Lego supercar ("Ferrari Spyder", white body with red highlights). Then when someone else drove a similar car, she was even more angry.

Jan. 3
[...] We were eating at a restaurant inside an attraction. The seats and ground were white. There were a few windows on one side but it was not very bright. There was dark wood decrations above and as the roof. Some lights shone on the wood panels. There was a female sitting inside an otherwise unoccupied booth. We were deciding wether to sit there when she looked at me and said "if you want to eat with me, do it quick". So I sat next to, someone else sat beside me, and people sat across us.

[...] We were going to a famous attraction. We were driving slowly looking for a good place to stop. We passed by an lookout reserved for infants. We were in a village on top of two hills. There were some old beige stone churches with dark grey roofs, and other buildings. We eventually went down to a big intersection with lots of pedestrians. We got out and looked around and looked at a signpost. It was almost sunset so we had to go back. [...] We got onto a train at a stop called "Lund". I looked at the route map on the train but didn't see any familiar name / parking lot. The train started moving. Eventually there were 2 very sharp turns where the track tilted more than 90 degrees and the train cars were slightly upside down. Then we arrived at the next station with long runs of glass doors on both sides. We got off.

[...] We were in a compound museum. We entered one building which held many types of squid. On the walls were some red and blue ones. There was a big black furry one with thousands of small legs and branches, in one of the middle exhibits. The walls were all dark gray, the wall exhibits had a white background and were glass cubes, and the middle exhibits were a squat white cylinder with a bit of glass near the top edge, some had lids and some were open.

Jan. 7 (1st day of school)
We were having a reunion and all the high school students had invited their middle school groups. We were on a small hill in a field surrounded by forest, it was cloudy. We decided to play a big game of manhunt. After we decided who was it I went towards the other VM people who had already started moving down one side of the hill. I met Jarrad who was wearing a light blue collared shirt and cool larger black sunglasses. I asked him how was France and he said it was good. Then we caught up to the other VM people. Harriet said some stuff. We decided to hide in some underwater ruins in a nearby pond / lake (in the middle of the field). We went inside. We looked around but saw some other factions coming so we went upstairs and hid in a bedroom. We were initially quiet but then the girls started talking. Eventually I hid under the bed because I thought the other factions would surely discover us. Eventually one did, and I thought I was safe but they lifted up the mattress and discovered me too.

Jan. 8
[...] We were sitting in a bus going through some dull-colored downtown. It was warm and sunny. I was sitting in the front left on a sideways-facing seat row. Fatto was next to / ahead of me. He said I had too much hair, which meant that he could smell my sweat. I said oh. I looked at Sharon and one of her friends on the other side.

Feb. 17
[...] We were going down a ski hill. We had tiny sleds to stand on (like the shield in Breath of the Wild). I started going very slowly. The trail was probably a double black diamond, extremely steep but wide, and it also had jumps and pipes and other park stuff. I slowly made my way down, and eventually got to a flatter place with deep snow not part of the trail. I walked through it and got to the bottom.
[...] We were in a video game. We needed to go from someplace to another, through an underground tunnel. My partner went first, I followed and saw him somehow driving a vehicle. I thought that was a good idea, and I saw a bad guy in another car coming so I went into a side door which led to a parking garage. I chose an SUV (probably GMC Terrain) and got in and turned it on. Then the car next to me opened the driver's door and the person was holding a gun, so I ducked and pressed the gas pedal. Then the other bad guy came in and I went around. I eventually got out of the garage and back onto the main tunnel.

Feb 28 / Mar 1
We were in a large building complex; everything was white, there were many floors and islands and atrias and escalators. We were either trying to infiltrate or escape; there were some guards (possibly robot guards) scattered about that we had to avoid. I was on one of the islands; there were walkways around a central part which had several rooms. I went down an escalator one floor. There was an electronic panel for info on the wall nearby. I saw a guard some distance behind and across a bridge, so I quickly went around the corner to get out of sight. [...]

Mar. 9
[...] I was in a large shopping mall, probably in China. At some point somebody asked me (in Chinese) if I had been here before; they didn't expect me to reply successfully but I did and they were surprised.
[...] I went outside to go back to my car / the parking lot. It was cloudy but bright. I turned around the corner of the building, then apparently there was a severe storm coming that would get worse the longer I stayed outside. I initially decided to keep going towards the car, but then it started getting very windy and some snow or hail started falling. Then I turned back; it was extremely windy and the snow was falling fast. I stayed right outside the doors for a moment longer, to enjoy the outside weather. Then I went inside. There was a concierge desk in front; I was afraid they were going to ask me questions, so I turned right and went up into a small lounge / viewing area which had a very modern design. I looked outside and it was beautiful, the city / tall buildings were far apart and there was great wind and lots of snow. Everything was grey and dull, but the subtle colors made it look very nice.

Mar. 13
[...] I had flippers and could fly/swim in air with them. [...] I went through some very cool rock formations (towers, slabs, arches, etc.) in a river / lake. I went into a cave of sorts with a flooded bottom. The exit on the other side was flanked by rock slabs. When I came back out it was bright and sunny and I felt extremely awesome. I kicked/flippered out into the open air, in the middle of the lake. It was breezy and the shores were green with grass and there was a forest. Then Mom came along one of the shores and wanted to take pictures of me, I did too. I stopped moving my legs for a moment, and started falling. I started kicking / moving them again and eventually stopped falling.

Mar. 14
[...] We were getting an assignment back in French class. I got a 98 and 97, however someone else got a 96 and 106. Everyone had high marks. Mme Labrie came around with a calculator to get the average for each person.
[...] We were watching a movie / play.
[...] We were walking somewhere as a field trip. A teacher (probably Ms Armstrong) noticed a Lego train car, I picked it up and apparently it was antique and was probably used in the Halloween movie.

Mar. 15
[...] We were in Minecraft, 4 people in teams of 2. Me and my partner built a base in a canyon (not underground) between two hills/cliffs, it was either a taiga- or forest-hills biome. We had some farms going but no mining. I went partway up one cliff to build a bridge, but then I heard TNT and saw that the other team had somehow already build 2 TNT cannons on the other cliif and were firing them down at our base. So I stopped building the bridge and went up top. Unfortunately I didn't have a bow or arrows yet, so I walked around trying to find one. There were random drops in some places, either from mobs or chunk updates. I decided to travel farther. In the distance I saw an ice spikes biome (well, actually an ice mountain) behind a large stone mountain (that looked very realistic and not Minecraft-style). I decided to go around to the right instead. There was a frozen lake right beside the mountain and there were lots of redstone repeaters and comparators apparently dropped from above due to a chunk update. Eventually I decided to go back and check out the ice spikes. However, when I went back around the mountain I couldn't see the ice mountain. It started snowing, I was on a frozen lake / river system, around me was all snowy taiga. It got very real, no more Minecraft, the snow was falling fast and it was getting windy. I looked down a branch of the river and it was amazing. I "pressed F2" to take screenshots (even though I was inside the world). It was dark, and the whole environment was sort of like Owl Lake at Nakkertok at nighttime snowy and windy with the surrounding hills a little higher. In front of me was a flat part with sparser trees, I headed towards there trying to shelter from wind. I didn't want to go too deep into the forest so I stayed along the edge until I found a good place.
[There was a smooth transition from the previous part to here but I forgot the details.] We were walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood. It was almost spring, lots of snow but relatively warm. A person in a garage was handing out bibs to some people. They were having a running race. Then Mom decided we should both do a race. The person handed her a bib with large-font numbers and I got one with small-font numbers (something like 6201153). Other people were already warming up and going to the start line. I put on the bib, but then everyone else had gone already, I hadn't warmed up, and I didn't know where the start was. I looked at a map and apparently I was racing the 16 yr and up category, 11km.
[...] Henry Radar was sitting in the hallway, some other VM gr7's passed by. I asked him how was everyone. He listed most of their names. Then he turned into Luke Baines, and I asked if he knew about AXI Chat. Apparently he did but he always misspelled it as app.axi.x20.mx, but I corrected him and we landed on the hub. When he clicked on the Chat link there was a plain error page saying that the Raspberry Pi was going to have a date/time overflow because it was pi day. I was initially surprised but then told Luke that the chat was hosted on my Raspberry Pi and I would fix it as soon as possible.

Mar. 16
[...] I was in the passenger seat in an antique car, the seats were brownish leather, the instruments were analog/mechanical, the steering wheel was thin. I was supposed to meet a secret agent. We arrived at a small red brick building with a green lawn (sort of like some universities). My driver / chauffeur got out. Then an oldish man came to my slightly open window; he was the agent. He went around the back and opened the driver's door, pausing to ask me if I was ok with him driving. I said ok and he got in and started the car. Apparently he was supposed to be a crazy driver (like in movies) but he wasn't too bad. We approached a truck stopped in the middle of the road, there were buildings on both sides. The agent didn't slow down but it wasn't too scary either.
[...] I was walking with a friend down a road (sort of like the Neon Noir place). We turned right onto a tiny alleyway. It turned into a closed hall, the left side, floor, and ceiling were completely covered with black cloth, but there were small shops on the right. Among them were "4 servers for Numpy create" and "6 servers for _____". A few seemed vacant. There were also some restaurants and fast food. Apparently me and my friend had already eaten supper. Then we met David Chen who was waiting in front of a fast food shop (probably Subway). He was wearing a suit and formal stuff, and a black tie. We said hi and walked a few more steps, then my friend went ahead and I decided to wait for David. Suddenly there was a restaurant on the left side and a person stepped out and began advertising for it / telling me to come in. I quickly hurried away. A few meters later the hall opened into a small room with more space on the sides but the same low ceiling. This felt like a hotel lobby with red patterned carpet and beige walls. But there were no lights, the only illumination coming from the shops behind. There was some information that I was about to read, but then I realized that I was wearing a suit and formal stuff but I had no tie. Then I realized that we must be at Deca and that explained why David was wearing stuff. We were apparently going to the banquet. At the end of the room were some stairs going up to the left. 
[...] We were nordic skiing, we emerged from a forest onto open fields / plains.  It was almost sunset, it was cloudy but bright above and there was orange near the horizon. We had split up, I was leading a faster group (there was likely no Will, Stuart, Alex). A teacher asked where the other people were, we looked back and I said they were probably still in the forest.
[...] We were in math class with Hughes. Apparently people had been abusing AXI Chat. We drew a diagram (a big scalene triangle split into many smaller ones). Someone (probably David Hao) wrote a message on one of the upper triangles, then he drew a wavy line right below it (apparently that was the line where messages were judged to be abusive). Then the class complained; then another person (maybe Michael Kyrollos) wrote another message and drew another wavy line below the first. The class also uproared and they were probably going to kill me because I created AXI Chat. So I said wait a minute, then I erased both lines and drew another one much lower down. Then most people were satisfied.

Apr. 8
We were driving to somewhere far, we were stopping to eat lunch. We saw / passed a McDonalds, and then we saw / drove to an A&W. However we decided to go back to the Mcdonalds for some reason, so we drove back. We got out of the car, it was slightly foggy and cloudy and drizzling. Inside there was a long lineup to the counter. There were some extremely ghetto people waiting in line ahead, and then some of their friends came behind. Eventually I had enough and we went back outside and towards the A&W.
[...] We were on the bus to / from Ofsaa nordic. We stopped to rest, we could go wherever we wanted. Most people spread out to get food, I started running somewhere. I ran for a long time and turned on some random intersections. It started snowing. There was mildly lower gravity but I wasn't in a hurry so I could run ok. Eventually I found myself in a neighborhood with interesting houses (singles but closely packed). I thought I reached a dead end / cul-de-sac, and I was worried that I would have to run all the way back to the bus. I pulled out my phone to check the map, and apparently the bus was very close in front. I thought it was wrong and tried zooming out and looking for the highway, but it was apparently also very close. Then I saw a road going right and ran on. I turned left and was on some grass beside a major road, ther was suddenly no more snow and it was slightly hot / humid. Across the road was the bus; there was an intersection to the left and I went to press the button to cross. As I crossed I saw some other people also coming back and therefore I was actually not too late.

Apr. 14
[...] I was in a low building / house in a valley in the middle of a forest. I was leaving; I climbed up a steep path by using some trees as supports. It was nighttime and raining outside.
[...] I was "working" in a tall building in some city downtown. I went down the elevator and walked outside a bit to take a break. The building was right beside a road; I crossed it and got to a large-ish parking lot, trapezoidal, with industrial buildings on the other three sides. It was sunny and very clear blue sky. It was very bright and I couldn't open my eyes fully. Then I went into the shadow of a smokestack or similar and I could open my eyes more. I observed the tanks and loading docks and continued my loop of the parking lot. When I finished it was suddenly nighttime, and I got to the edge of the street. Other people were crossing whenever there were no cars. I crossed the street. The building which I was going to was part of a continuous block. I turned right and walked a little bit, then for some reason my legs felt very tired and I sort of limped into the lobby of the building. The ground floor was some sort of restaurant; I had been eating there before but I had paused. Apparently the waiters had not cleaned up my spot and they continued to put food there. My spot was actually a raised block where I could sit on it. There were many plates of food, including tacos, and other stuff. I tried to eat one of the foods but it didn't have any taste and it was very dry so I couldn't swallow it. Then a waiter started picking up the other plates on my spot and taking them away because they thought I couldn't eat them. I asked to keep the tacos.
[...] I was programming Python on this computer, then I realized that it was past midnight (12:07) so I shut down the computer. Then I went into the kitchen but when I looked outside it was still pretty bright and the sun was shining behind lots of clouds. I was very amazed that it was still sunny after midnight, so I took some pictures with my phone. I adjusted the exposure and the colors became much more vivid, there was a red/purple spot in a gap in the clouds and a golden spot nearby which were much clearer in the phone. Then I went upstairs to take pictures from my room. Apparently my room had 3 windows; the one in the middle was the opening one. I removed the screen cover by rotating the small tabs. However, there was another screen cover under that. I removed that too by pulling the tabs out completely. There was yet another screen cover under that, I was stupefied and gave up because the sun had set and the nice colors had faded somewhat.

May 5-9 (written 11)
[...] We were going to an attraction which was also a puzzle. We had some devices that were supposed to give us hints if we were stuck. The path started in a coniferous forest, it was cloudy, the ground had plenty of orange-brown pine needles everywhere. We stepped onto a narrow wooden bridge that crossed a gorge and went into the side of a hill. I went across second. At the end there was a dark cave that went sharply down and slightly right. I tried to get my hint device to work, but it didn't say anything useful. I slid down the cave and it turned into a flight of stairs. At the bottom on the left were two small glowing signs; each was made of 3 squares in a row, the two end squares were lit green for one and orange for the other. Apparently the green sign was supposed to fire a blue square from the middle and you had to hit it into the orange one to spell "eye". I prepared to hit something but apparently the person ahead of me had already activated it. I went into the kitchen and we celebrated. Then I flew far away and landed in a fast food restaurant where people were sleeping.
[...] I was being chased by some people, some of them could fly or were riding flying things. I bumped into one who was walking along; he had a gun but I stepped around a small square building under construction; there were only pillars at the corners and some beams across a few sparse points. I flew / swam to the top of the building / tower. The ceiling platform was concrete gray. The view was really awesome. It was mostly cloudy but the sun was setting and there was bright yellow and orange on the horizon that shone on the city below - all the buildings / houses were only a few stories tall and I was high above them. Behind me to the left was a large commercial / industrial building that was about the same height as the tower I was on. Eventually the flying people came but they didn't notice me at first. When they stopped to talk to some person I leaped and swam towards the corner of the big industrial building. I thought I was flying really slow so I imagined getting a boost and I did get one. I flew down to ground level and entered a doorway. The section of building I was in was a octagonal prism with one room (an atrium with  a very high roof) and completely covered with glass, connected to the main structure by a bridge. It was very cool; most of the space was covered by seats and tables for a cafe; there was an elevator on the left. I opened a door that was supposed to be a secret passageway to a safer place, but there was another door which an employee came through and said I was not supposed to go there. I went back outside and down some stairs and came into a large subway station underground.

May 22
1. [...]
2. I was sitting in a bus (probably school bus) on the right side. I turned to my left and to my surprise Lia was sitting beside me. She was wearing a black/grey/white checkered shirt. We stared at each other for a moment, then I said hi, how's life. Apparently she had just returned from France and she / her mother wanted to speak in French. So we talked in french, I was slightly unsteady. She was talking about her experiences and I was like "that's so cool" etc. Apparently it was her mother that wanted her to show off, but then eventually she said no more.

Jun 16
[...] We were walking on the Moon, the sky was pitch black, there were small grey spherical houses spread far apart on both sides. It was pretty windy and the buildings were swaying on their supports.
[...] We were going on another Duke of Ed trip, this time we were going to the Moon base and staying for a few days. We were meeting to prepare for the trip; then Mr. Rab and Sarah said see you in a few days, because apparently they were going there before us to set up.
[...] We were watching a TV (maybe Cougarvision), it was showing a recent skiing competition (it looked like downhill skiing). I was annoyed that they didn't show the school competition with me in it. Then we were inside the world and it turned into a snowboarding competition. I decided to join in, I put on my snowboard and followed the people. We were somehow doing a loop, and coasting up a short hill. Then we were supposed to be leaving and Ms. Saravanamuttoo waved to me.

Jun 27
[...] We were in some sort of world. We were walking along a river. There were some birds that dropped large glowing eggs with tentacles randomly and we had to avoid them. 

Jul 2
[...] We were in a large cafeteria or food court. The ceiling was very high, there was sot yellow lighting, and a large space in the middle with chairs and tables. At one end there was a place where you could make your own wrap / burrito. I went to the other end to check what they had, I asked for chicken and they brought up a box of chicken wings. I knew they had a good chicken meal so I asked for chicken and rice and vegetables, they brought up what I was looking for, inside a muffin box (transparent cover). I asked how much it was and they said something like 8.84. I went back to the first end, where a bunch of other people had gathered, but the person behind the counter said they only had the middle sandwich. To the left there was a list of 3 sandwiches and the middle one did not look very good. Then we all hurried toward the other end.
[...] Chemistry, Indium, syringe
[...] I was starting to write down the previous 2 dreams in the Mac laptop. I typed "[...]" but then it turned into and embedded text box, which I did not want. I tried just [] and it still became a text box. Then I decided to forgo the symbols and just write the dream.
[...] Violin, trailer

Jul 6
[...] I could fly / swim through air. I went straight up for a while, looked around then went into a dive. I realized that I didn't go high enough and wouldn't have time to fully pull up. I half woke up before I hit the ground.
[...] We were standing beside Roberta Bondar PS in the grass. We were supposed to do an icebreaker where we got in a circle and said something nice about the person next to us. I saw Matto and stood clockwise beside him. We joined up with the other end of the circle. Then the person clockwise to me walked to the middle and started dancing (synchronized) with two other guys; there were a couple more people doing sound effects for them.
[...] I arrived to volunteer for VV, it was beside Roberta Bondar PS. There was one counselor there, he didn't have any other volunteers so I introduced myself (he initially called me Louie). I looked at the campers and Arnie was there, so I was confused that I was volunteering for this age group.

Jul 9
[...] I was in a room, there was a sun in the middle and a dense asteroid belt filled the whole room. The lighting was render-esque with perfect gradients, the walls were beige.
I went outside, we were in some sort of link-world, there was a T-junction of 3 stone paths floating in air (just "stone.png" textured planes with some moderately sloping parts, the sky was bright blue and moderately cloudy, we were within cloud level). I came from the middle path. The right path led to some white ancient ruins. I took the left path. I looked back and there were some people at the junction talking. I reached the end of the path, climbed into a fork of a tree with purple leaves. Then the tree bent back and I apparently stepped into another world. This was apparently a test for VR heat effects, it was supposed to be a world full of lava. I felt extremely hot and burning. I thought it was a very cool / interesting feeling to experience.

Jul 10
[...] I just got the Vive wireless upgrade, was trying to install it. It came in a black box with orange circles as decoration.

Jul 11
[...] I was in a small wooden room, I was journeying through worlds. Outside the window the sky was bright yellow like in "SkyboxBig.png". Then from behind a massive faraway grey cloud there came some dark red cloudy tendrils signaling some sort of evil approaching. In one corner of the room there was a rainbow circle on the ground, I stepped into it and it was a portal to another similar room on the other side of the house / area. The sunlight was slanting in from the window, there was a couch or pillows / cushions. I stepped into another circle to go back to the first room.

======== End ========

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Background: concept art from Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.