More dreams, from Jul 2019 to Feb 2020.

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Jul 21-23
[...] I was walking around the school for whatever reason; most other people were inside their classes. Then I met Caleb and Henry, they were doing link crew stuff. I followed them into the atrium toward the cafeteria and asked them what they were doing. Then we turned left into a different hallway (not cb) and Caleb said "go away, you're not in link", and then I said "... but I aammm Link!" and did a spin attack.

I was walking on the path behind the house beside the forest. The cellphone rang and the area code was like +96 or similar. I apparently knew that the it was William Dorval, and picked up, and eagerly said "William? Will Dorval?". Then he hung up, presumably because he was calling random numbers on his phone and was surprised that I knew his name. So I called back and said "It's Louis, from VM! Do you remember me?" but he misheard and said "No thanks, I don't want sushi" and hung up again. I called him back again and said "I'm Louis, L-o-u-i-s! Do you remember me?" and he finally said "hi louis" back. I asked him "do you need help? are you in trouble?" and he said "I'm scared. Can you tell me what to do?", he apparently meant that he was going to tell me instructions and I should repeat them back to him so that he could listen to someone. (He was apparently in Japan)

I was in my bedroom. I looked out the window and saw Sarah and Abby sitting in the field. They waved at me. [...] I was running on the path, past Bruff park. Right before the baseball field I saw Mr. Rab talking and some other people sitting in the field. I went up to them and said hi, then sat down. Anna S and Lia were also there.

Aug 9
[...] I was in a flooded city with Matto. We were in separate sections and I was travelling towards him. It was raining and quite dark outside but not nighttime. I went through some rooms and doors and ramps and turns. Then I got to a place with white walls and floor, there was a ramp and then a wider room with a mini restaurant / Starbucks along one side. Matto was there and we said hello. I wanted to see if he was having this dream too, so I said something around "I'll tell you a number and then when we meet in real life you can tell me the number". I was about to say the number but then woke up.

Aug 29
I was either Link or Samus, in a village in the overworld, but the biome was Nether. I went up a hill and something attacked me that I couldn’t see, and it knocked me into some water pit. Then a zombie came and I tried to click / attack it but couldn’t. Luckily the zombie couldn’t swim and it fell to the bottom.

Aug 30
We were in groups, taking turns to play some song.

Aug 31
We were having an end-of-school-year party. I had to leave partway through for something. After that was finished, I went back to the school. I saw Jarrad and other VM people there, they were about to leave. I asked Henry "Jarrad was here? That’s amazing." and he said yes. Then I was going to take the bus home, I went to Hurdman but then took a bus that went east to go back to school. Apparently the eastern area had different bus companies / operators. Somebody shared a Google Drive folder with pictures of everyone with everyone. I went inside and found a picture with almost all the VM people. I looked around and found a document called "whitelisted bots" and it had some random links in it; I considered adding AXI to it but decided not yet.

Sep 1
Camp, groups, eating food, fruit cake
Museum (science / nature), me and a few others took a shortcut to new exhibition, far end was outside, chinese symbols, green hedges, flat plain, city in distance, cloudy/smoggy.

Sep 5
[..] I was reading some academic article in a library; there was a librarian in an office nearby. There was something about a big spider.

Sep 7
I was on an alien planet, with someone else. We were going to lift off. There were 3 rockets, one looked like the Saturn V, the second was an alien rocket that looked slightly like the SR71 Blackbird (it had a central black section shaped like a conventional rocket and 2 black boosters [which may have had intakes] which had thin bright glowing green rings and exhaust), the third one, which I was in, was just a little sphere, top half transparent, with 2 nozzles facing up and down at the front. (The craft I was in was probably not meant for interplanetary travel). It was dark / night outside. We and rockets were in some Grand Canyon / Monument Valley place, desert, we were in a lower area surrounded by red mesas and some tall pillars.
Eventually I started my rocket, and it worked as expected - the front-mounted nozzles made the craft spin. I was still able to sort of travel controllably, alternating the top and bottom thrusters. I went somewhere (horizontally, didn't go up into space), eventually found some trees which were hard to manoeuver over. I bumped into a hill once but made it over.
[...] I could fly/swim in the air. It was daytime, blue sky (possibly with few small clouds), I was going from a courtyard into a museum/building towards some destination. I jumped up and flew/swam through a open part of an arch (F in diagram), then kept flying into the building. It was cool to fly above everyone walking around. I exited to the right, going back outside to a main courtyard connected to a street.
[...] I was doing the same route as above. However, the museum/building authorities didn't like having people fly/swim through their building so they blocked off the parts (F in diagram) with some tinted glass. I landed in [X] to ponder this blockage. Then I went / walked into the building. In the center of the hallway there was a person wearing gray facing where I wanted to go, he was laughing at / mocking me for not being able to fly.

  /        \                      .  +---------+
 /          \      +----->        .  |    C    |
/            \     |              .  |         |
|             ++---+              .  ++-------++
|   (Court)    |   |  (Building)  .  +/   F   \+
|              | X |              .  +---------+
|             ++---+              .  +---------+
\            /     |              .  |    O    |
 \          /      +----->        .  |         |
  \________/                      .   
               ^   ^              . (Vertical section, from ^ columns)
                         (F = Fly through this section, O = open/walk through, C=closed/glass)

[...] Me and Matto were sitting on the ground, close by a few girls were also sitting. They were listening/singing some music. We followed along on Task Manager - the CPU usage graphs were pitch, each graph was an instrument/voice. Near the end of the song we started singing and when it finished the other people looked at us. (It was very dark / couldn't see much throughout this part, but I think there was some roman ruins in the background).

Sep 8
[...] I was playing some piece on the piano, I was investigating the left hand part because it was interesting. There were some octaves and blocked chords.

Sep 12

[..] I was driving, sitting on the right side. We were going up, the road was very winding, we were inside some tunnel? We had headlights. The road turned sharply left (less than 90 deg). There was grass on the sides, there was a corner, the sides of the tunnel were wooden and looked like the diagram below. Then there was a sharp right. There were some creatures (like deep sea tentacle/clams) on the outside of the curve that we were supposed to avoid. I tried to turn but couldn’t turn sharply enough, and we went into the creature area. Then I was in 3rd person view and the car was actually some sort of turquoise/cyan coloured fish, and after the car went out of the creatures it made some sort of dying animation and stopped.

  /         \
 /           \
/             \

Sep 30
It was morning, probably summer, I was in the house, the sun was shining from the east with warm yellow glow. [..] I looked out from the front side window and saw Vivian standing in front of the door, waiting. She was wearing a dark blue (~ #003) shirt (possibly with thin white stripes) and shorts. I was surprised and excited and I went to the door and opened it. We said hi, we asked how was life, it was slightly awkward, and then she came in. Apparently the VM gr 7's were having a party and she needed food supplies. I followed her to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and took out a white paper bag of sugar?

Oct 5

Oct 9
1. We were waiting for border customs agents lineup, then got into a very old grey car and drove some distance.

2. Apparently Andy Kim was evil. We (including Caleb, David H) were planning to defeat him by making him drink holy water by putting tennis balls into their containers filled with water. We set up one 'trap' and were in the process of doing another when I spotted Andy and told David he was coming. When he passed by I hit him with the tennis ball container but he was unaffected. He looked at us and continued towards his car (medium grey hatchback, possibly Toyota make). He said 'are you trying to kill me? that's impossible', entered into his car and emitted some force field that prevented us from moving. Then the reverse lights turned on very brightly and he drove away (but forward).

3. [...] I was in some big mall / airport on a 2nd floor, standing on a bridge between two sides. The walls, floor, ceiling were white. The roof was sloped downwards, possibly with skylights / windows. A smallish girl came to me, wearing a blue (~ #03c) shirt. She probably had curly black shoulder-length hair and was darkish-skinned. I led her around the area to look at the surroundings then we returned to the original point. Then I followed her towards a room; she asked if I had ever been to ___ and I said no. We went to the side of the main frame and went through a narrow hallway, everything was dark wood. Then the girl was in a wheelchair, was light skinned, and wearing some turquoise / red-pink flowery shirt. There was a red carpet and some shallow stairs going up, and the girl couldn't go up by herself. Then her wheelchair fell apart and she turned into several computer parts and a power supply. I was alarmed and knew that I needed to plug 'her' in, so I picked up the parts, ran up the stairs and plugged in the charger in a wall outlet. I waited for some time until she reformed. She said 'thank you for saving me!' and she wanted me to kiss her. I said 'is it safe?' and she said yes, and I bent down.

Oct 12
[..] I was on the path between Roberta Bondar and the other school. I thought / said 'this might be a dream'. It started raining lightly so I put on my long pants, then it rained harder and I went beneath a big tree to try to keep dry.

Oct 27
[...] I was 'in' Metroid, but the world was more like Twilight Princess. I was supposed to go into a desert temple to get an artifact. I went to the desert and there was a morph ball puzzle that was broken but I got into the temple. Then I went back to the forest and there was a small path that led to the top of the temple, which was the proper entrance to the temple.
[...] I looked out the big front windows, there was a thick layer of snow outside and it was still snowing, the sky was bright gray. I thought "finally! the snow is here".

Nov 3
XC meet at Greens creek
Coach decided to take bus
Tour of some college

Nov. 4
Desert, sunglasses, walking
Nordic skiing

Nov. 13
[..] I was walking around some large grass field surrounded by forest; it was summer and slightly humid; the plants were very green and the sky was blue and sunny. I was waiting for something. This was apparently a military base of some sort - a two-legged hopping thing with very skinny legs (not sure whether it was mechanical or biological) came along a dirt / sand path from the forest with two people riding on top. A third person came from the field to greet them, and the two continued into the field. The third person asked me what I was doing, was I waiting for my parents. I said yes (but I was not), and he said that he couldn't hear any talking so they must not have come back yet. Then I skiied along the dirt path partway up a grassy hill then back down and the other person followed me.

[..] I was in China somewhere, going back to the hotel. I passed beside several vents, through their smoke / exhaust. I think it was raining lightly; the sky was light gray all around. I went inside and up some stairs. It was dark. We had 3 bedrooms and a 'guest room', which was perfect because Dad would arrive some time later. I went into the guest room; to the right was a small normal bed, to the left was a cot and the bathroom. I washed my hands probably because the other rooms had lead pipes.

[..] I was playing 2 Dolphin games; one Metroid and something else. I went down a long elevator / active transport into a golden wheat field spreading as far as I could see. At the bottom some elongated and opaque Metroid attacked me and it took 2 power bombs to explode it.

Nov. 22
I was playing Twilight Princess, there were Metroid-style blue doors leading to nowhere, and some enemies.

Nov 23
Angela and Andre? Walking on a frozen lake, surrounded by cliffs on one half, snowy forest on the other half.
Sheel, emailed report card.
Inside Alan's room there was a big machine, a pipe was leaking gas and fire was spouting out along it.

       \      / <= the apparatus was as tall as the room
        \    /
        | ooo|  <= lots of controls / displays in the middle
---------+ o#|  <= pipe coming out of center and to the left
        | #o#|     leaking gas, blue and orange flames.
        |    |     (several more pipes going to both sides)
        /    \

Nov 28
Portals, TP

Dec 7
There was a race, we had some snowboard-type mounts. I was slightly late because I was drinking water, I quickly got onto my board but didn't tighten the boot straps. I went pretty fast and soon caught up to the others. Eventually I finished the race. Then there was a girl who wanted to kiss me because I did well.

Dec 8
I was in the Sky Temple, Lia sent me a message indicating where she was, I grappled onto the small platform where she was standing. We hugged each other, then we said hi.

Dec 11
Playing a brass instrument, matte like trumpet in Visualizer. It had a slideable part but the pipe was large in diameter like a tuba. Probably played a part of 'the last post' or similar.

Dec 12
[...] I was running in a forest; it was autumn and the leaves were very colourful (kind of like Conroy Pit). It was probably cloudy, the tree trunks were pretty thin. I was maybe following a cat or other animal. The cat did some action beside a small pond of water.
[...] We were doing the Chem test. On the back of the first page were 2 questions. The first was something like "What process happened in the video, explain". The video was about the cat doing something with the pond in the forest. The cat's name was Kirjava. In my answer I wrote "the girl did ___", however the teacher (either Houston or Lee) marked that wrong and wrote "who are you talking about? The cat is not a girl" in red pen beside. I was sure that Kirjava was a female name. The second question was like "What, when its lungs are removed, would give more room for the colon?" and there was a outlined picture of the human abdomen with the colon or pancreas highlighted in magenta highlighter.

Dec 14
We were going to rescue a dragon and set it free. Last time we came to this large mall / building / airport we successfully rescued one, so we were trying another time.
There was a "scene" where an oldish man who knew he couldn't escape tried to kill the highest authorities possible. He went into a gray stairwell, holding a large sphere of light above him. Then some people who were coming down the stairs confronted him. One who was apparently an important person knocked him down a few steps with some conjured fireball. The old man then made his ball explode, killing him and the important security person.
Then a small gray gargoyle-dragon (apparently it was fairly ugly, dark black wings and stone-gray skin, but it probably had orange cartoon-type eyes with large pupils) came out of hiding.

Dec 15
[...] We were trying to assassinate someone, but one of their guards spotted us and shot at our vehicle as we drove away.
[...] It was night or nearly night (deep blue sky), we were about to go to some restaurant to eat. We were in some place between downtown and suburban. It was probably snowy / snowing. There was a bridge or hill that I crossed.
[...] There was a long lineup inside some fast food restaurant (but it seemed more like a Costco warehouse with high ceiling, cement gray walls, and bright white lights) and only one employee. There was a zigzag corridor for wait lines but everyone was waiting outside of it. When we were the next to go, some people came in from outside and said "we're fully open" and took up positions at a counter opposite where we were waiting.

Dec 21
I was in a Metroid-style world, inside a large building with gray walls and white lights. There was a morph ball passageway with some puzzles to get to the main part. After I got through, there was a medium-sized room with several computer terminals in the middle and sides. There were 4 auto defense turrets that started firing, I disabled some of the turrets, then I jumped around letting the other one hit me a few times.  We were waiting at a counter for something, but then I went behind it and there was a secret passage going slightly upwards. I looked back and then one or two doors closed behind (they had a dense wire mesh as window, one door was dark gray and the other was dark blue). This secret hallway had a beige tiled floor, with white walls unlike the rest of the compound. Forward on the left there was a doorway and some people were lined up to go in; that was apparently the entrance to a brothel. At the end of the short hallway it opened up into a large space that held a buffet. I went to check it out and there was one counter with lots of food, including fried stuff and green beans and other things. It possibly smelled good, but I went back after looking around.
Minecraft, riding a horse that could not jump 2 blocks high. It fell into a cave / pit and I decided to follow it down. Down another level was a bunch of skeletons who had flaming arrows. I went up some ladders to escape them, then ended up beside a lava lake. Then I was inside the world, balancing on a stone block coming out of the wall and leaning on the wall. I was holding a pickaxe in my hand; after I felt stable I hit the wall with it a few times until the blocks dissapeared. I continued digging a staircase up and eventually broke out onto a snowy hill.

Dec 22
[...] We were at school, just finished 1st period. I had spare, others invited me to ICS class, I said I should probably not go because Kutschke was there. But she was not in the class so I went in and everybody was there. The room was like 225 but the rows were facing the door directly, they were wider and curved, and the stairs were much steeper to fit into the rotated room. We stayed there for a bit but then she came in and called me out for EE. She said she wanted something next weekday, still during the break. I said ok and went out to go to Chemistry? When I got there I realised I forgot my backpack and laptop in the other class so I hurried back, but there was not enough gravity to run so I instead launched into the air and swam / pushed against structures to go faster. I went through a room to get into the other hallway, then pulled myself through the door. I landed briefly at the bottom of the class then jumped / swam up to get my backpack. Everyone else saw me in the air and likely Caleb said 'wow, calm down' or similar because I was flying.

Dec 23
[...] We were walking through a building made mostly of glass, it felt sort of like a museum. Outside was like south-central China, sunny, humid, hot, and lots of very green plants.
[...] We went outside and we were in some place with tall rock formations (somewhat like ZJJ), there was a ski lift / gondola going up and backwards through some rock columns.
[Also somehow dreamt about damninteresting.com/nugget/cut-it-out]

Dec 24
I was inside a room, on a table there was a coconut instrument (like the ones from Spain) on a table but it was not tuned.
I was possibly playing Skyward Sword; I emerged in a very green, hilly field at night, there were 3 fairies or things floating in the air, they told me something like I could not run far with somebody possessing my legs. I looked in my inventory and couldn't find anything, so I ignored them and went forward. Eventually there was a barn or some kind of small building, which I went around, probably chasing one of the fairies.

Dec 25
[...] We were in a building that was on top of a hill in a large dense and very green forest (probably warm and humid, but not sure). It was cloudy but daytime. We were in some part that was outside the main building, over the forest below. The walls were mostly glass. We went down a long hall with less glass that sloped slightly downwards. At the end there was a stairwell with no lights. We descended a bit, then we decided to turn on our phone flashlights to see. They worked, and we descended another level, and looked out through the doors to a pitch-black hallway. Then we turned back because it was scary, but then two people (probably Americans with guns) came out of the entrance above. They turned on some lights so we could all see. We said we had no idea what was going on, then they asked us a question like 'who is 106 allied with?' and Edy tried to answer but he forgot. Then the other people said that they couldn't help us, but they were still neutral. We asked them what is going on, are there zombies around. They said no, only dinosaurs and malaria. We thought that wasn't too bad.
Then I followed them trying to find a safe spot, there was a room that was open but when they entered there was a person in blue hospital clothes wearing a face mask that was presumably infected. I then assumed that the two americans also got infected so I ran away through dark hallways and eventually found another staircase that went deeper down. I tried to decide whether to try to escape or see if I could rescue somebody. I thought that it was too dangerous as infected people were passing by regularly on both floors of the staircase. Then I decided to sleep to wait out and see what would happen. I somehow had a thick blanket so I laid down where nobody walking past on the floors could see me. I hadn't seen any people going up or down the stairs so I thought I should be safe. At this point a fair amount of lights were on in all the floors, but there were no lights in the stairwell.
[...] Trying to 'tame' animals, one was naughty, had to sacrifice a cat and put it in a statue, was in the deepest floor right beside the lair or something, but the cat made 'me' safe.

Dec 29
[...] We were at some band / music practice, we were sitting on couches and talking about stuff. I said we should do music instead of talking since we could talk at other times.
[...] I was walking in a modern building, there was a part where the roof slanted down and made an enclosed spot. I saw Sharon and talked to her.

Jan 1
I was in a hotel lobby looking down a main hallway. The ground was concrete? there was full-height windows on the left (outside was probably snowy white), and an elevator on the right. I went into the elevator, and Sofya Malaschenko was inside. We said hi, she was maybe holding a cellphone?. When we got off the elevator, there was a room of gold/yellow wood, it felt like a small shop / cafe, on one shelf it had sushi.

Jan 2
We were at a party, people were singing, I wanted to sing something but didn't know any good songs. Henry was probably there. [...] The person who saw me in 225 doing the Multi-Rig demo asked how to get it.

Jan 4
I met Henry coming out of a classroom. He was with Will Dorval. I asked Will whether he had dreams, he showed me/us a google-doc of his dreams, the page background was dark blue.

Jan 5
I was going outside to walk, it was sunny and summertime. I brought a pillow / couch cushion with me for some reason. [...] I was walking on a paved path, the sun was ahead and fairly high, there were trees surrounding the path with light green leaves illuminated / backlit by the sun. I met David Hao and his mother, both riding scooters. We said hi and kept going. After a while, I met Caleb and his mother walking, we said hi. After a while more, I turned right to complete a loop, then the pillow/cushion turned into very heavy shopping bags, and my knees gave way. I tried standing and walking again, but after a few steps it was too heavy again.
[...] I was in a game (either Metroid or Last Story) and doing stuff.

Jan 6
Mr. Wasylyk was sitting on the desk in my bedroom, talking to me about his English class(es). I was in the bookshelf corner. He was wearing a red and black plad shirt / jacket. He paused and asked me something like "Am I bothering you in any way?" and I said no. Somebody else (maybe Henry) was standing on the opposite side of the room, inspecting things.

Jan 12
[...] I was in a building, I went up some floors to a construction supervisor / executive, and told him that the order to convert / build some new module had been revoked. The sky was cloudy but bright.
[...] We were in a large building complex. We walked through some halls with white walls and floors, into a library-type area with lots of glass panes and white walls. On one end it looked like there was a balcony going outdoors; we walked over to inspect it. There was a floating semicircle platform. The sky was clear and dark blue.
[...] We were walking in some forest pathway with a high cliff drop on the left. I took some pictures woth my phone. It was mostly cloudy but the sun could still be seen behind some clouds.

Jan 16
I was in Metroid Prime 3, but the weapons were like Prime 1. I was entering a room with 2 large windows onto an open space. There were enemies of different element types, including ice and sound? so I switched beams and used charged shots. After I defeated the enemies I looked out into the open space, but then some MP3-style Metroids came out. I switched to Plasma Beam and fired a few shots around.

Jan 18
[...] We were taking a group photo somewhere. Angela took my hand / wrist and pulled me towards her. We held hands and I was happy.

Jan 23
[...] Walking with chickens in my pocket? Walked through a desert-like place inside a mountain. Crossed a partial wooden bridge over a chasm, door to the outside.
[...] We were in a small classroom, with warm lighting. Andy asked if somebody was staying after school. They said yes, and I said I could stay too, and Andy said he couldn't come. Then he was jealous that I was being with Angela/ine.

Jan 27
[...] We were outside the school? running in groups. One small group went left at an intersection, and I was the leader of the other group and I wanted to follow the first group so we crossed the road too. It was summer, bright blue sky, and slightly hot and humid. I ran on the sidewalk (layout like near the school, we were on the left side) and caught up with the first group; it was comprised of 2 fast girls. Apparently they were wearing a wristband which made their legs run no matter how tired or unwilling they were. The wristband was black and so were their clothes. The girl who was behind (I caught up to her first) was complaining about her legs / running. Shortly afterwards, we stopped near a clearing on the left (with bushes instead of houses; we were on top of a hill and the bushes partially blocked the view out), in full sunlight. I approached the faster girl and asked her whether the wristband contained some chemical that made their legs run. She was probably about to respond when their father came along and aggressively demanded what I was doing to his daughters (presumably the wristbands were supposed to be secret).
[Fungus, magic]
[...] I was playing Lowell, against the rest of the team, there was a narrow passage with a river on the left and sandstone / desert cliffs / rocks on the right. I had to spam partially charged attacks to prevent the other mages from casting. Yurick was "hiding" in front of a rock for some reason. After I defeated them / they retreated, Lowell started walking away. But then a large flat rock came out of the sky, splashed into a side stream channel right in front of Lowell, and a large fungus creature came out. The creature had 2 or 3 heads / stalks, apparently they were extremely poisonous. One of the heads slightly brushed Lowell's neck, and he instantly died / was knocked out.
Later, "me" and a search party walked through some water system (square tunnels, connecting at right angles; black walls, vertical grates over some branches) and found some traces of colour where the fungus used to be. The water was ankle-deep and running fairly fast. Somebody tried drinking from it and instantly fell over; the rest of us thought that he was fairly stupid for doing that.

Jan 31
Titration with citrate, supposed to turn from blue to red.
Erlenmeyer flasks inside each other
Very red, clouds, sunset
Skiing at someplace (like Mooney's bay), taking bus that dropped us off individually

Feb 7 (Snow day)
[...] We were approaching Billings Bridge station (maybe on a bus?); we talked about how somebody walked from there to another station. When we reached the entrance, it was more like an airport with security. A concierge / desk person talked to people in English or French. When Edy got to the front of the line the gatekeeper asked him questions in french and he responded pretty well, but when she asked him his age he didn't know the numbers, and I suggested vingt, trente? When I went forward the person spoke in English. We went through some doors and outside, onto the top of an octagonal platform spiraling down. It was coldish and there was snow covering parts of the ground, but it was not snowing.
[...] The Last Story - scouting a village, encountered some doppelgangers, but none of the mages were with the party. But eventually we stopped fighting each other for some reason.
[...] Restaurant, white all around, at a table, ordering. I hadn't yet looked at the menu and the waiter was already there; I flipped around the pages but didn't find the main section, then somebody (maybe Alan) pointed to the first page which was titled "Classics" in red. Carnegie Mellon or Cambridge?
[...] I was in a room / classroom with white walls. I was leaning slightly back on a counter. Angela was beside me on my left. She told me her dream and asked what I dreamt about. I recounted the "restaurant" dream.

======== End ========

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