More dreams, from Feb 2020 to Jun 2020.

Feb 8/9
Lego, remote control, Dad

Feb 10 (Nordic Cities)
[...] I was inside a smallish ski shop, holding my skis and poles. The lighting was bluish white, an outside was night / black sky, possibly with some yellow streetlamps. The shelves were fairly low, maybe chest height, and white; they had lots of contents (unknown / forgot what). I was standing at a back part, then I saw somebody in an aisle, checking a shelf. She raised her head and I recognised Mollie/Amalia. We were excited to see each other. Then I saw Ms. S behind, and I walked over to them; then Will Cox was also there.
[...] Putting yellow wax on skis?

Feb 11
[...] I was getting my Bio "report card" back; there were several assignments listed one each row with large backgrounds and small margins (like a website template). I apparently got a 3+ on the last project and several 0s before. The last 0 I got was on a project about stretching forces on paper, and I was confused because that was not Bio; I said "that's unfair!" [...]

Feb 13
Walking / running through crowded linked small office space
Person chasing me, I went down a ramp / escalator which was going upwards

Fake road sweeper, Gabe Gupta / Owen Sweazy

Feb 14
Collecting ski boots from locker?

Feb 15
Big world, jumping to platforms, like the Metroid Prime overworld.

Feb 16
Shooting tiny jets of blue liquid (probably intended to be Phazon) from a little handgun. It took many shots to kill a "zombie" but I discovered that I could shoot a larger orb of blue which was much more powerful.

Feb 17
[...] I was showing pictures of ski or running race to someone, first picture was of lots of legs; I thought mine were in the picture but maybe not. The next few pictures were definitely xc running, grassy and dirt paths from a field into an autumn forest. Then there was a video of me, but I then went "inside" the video. I was running around a u-turn part, then a helicopter (dual propellers, red, presumably medical) came from behind. It was summer, blue sky. To the right the path went back into the forest, on the left was a river that was probably dried up so it was just mud. I thought that the helicopter was supposed to be for me, but I continued running and it went another way.
Apparently I could go very fast by "diving" or gliding downwards after jumping off a small hill or bump. It was now winter, the trail looked like the skating trail in the forest on the Deerhurst website. Some racers (probably skiing?) were ahead of me, I jumped into the air then dove down slightly and went very fast. I passed the others with another jump and glide. Then we got to a wide open field which was near the finish. I started running very fast because there were no good spots for diving. Apparently the "field" was a miniature world (maybe Minecraft) and it looked like the AXI Visualizer screenshots of "Builds". There were many rivers and hills. The sky looked just like "Qwantani", we were facing away from the sun. Eventually I reached the end of that part, and there was a ledge that I leaped off and started "diving" / gliding downwards to get speed. Ahead was a larger-scale Minecraft section, that looked like Caleb's cobblestone tower. I flew / swam around it and upwards to get some height, then dove to get speed. There was one last ledge that I jumped off and then I reached the finish. Then I was outside the Nakkertok building, and apparently I did the race course just for fun during lunchtime and lunch had already finished like 20 minutes ago. I thought I had Bio but there was a Photosynthesis test scheduled for "today" but I knew we already did that test.

Feb 20 (OFSAA)
[...] I was in a "cart" travelling around a school gym, the cart was crowded and some Cougarvision person was saying that I / "Jarrad" won gold in a sport [forgot which sport, maybe badminton] and thus I won 2 gold medals. Then the cart turned into the new O-train, and the doors opened for a platform before the train stopped moving, but people got out anyway. When I walked out (after it stopped?) we were on the 2nd floor of the station (looked kind of like Blair). It was bright but cloudy outside; inside was a little darker but still fairly bright. It was probably winter? Victoria Wang was standing on/near a bridge section, she was carrying 4 pizzas in 2 thick boxes. I asked her if she was going to eat all of it, she said no and offered me a piece. Then Jacob came and got a piece, then I wanted a piece so she put one on a glass container lid (with a banana peel??). There was a 3rd piece left which somebody else maybe took? The pizza was very thick and was just cheese and pepperoni, Victoria said it was "American" pizza.

Feb 21
[...] I was in Metroid, in some large space inside an industrial-type building, it was dark and maybe blue /  violet. There was a large inactive machine that was supposed to be very important, but before I could activate / move it a person appeared and I was supposed to fight them. However, the person said that I had to shoot a few small glowing orange-red targets around the room before we could fight. There was lots of debris in the room and I jumped a few times to get some targets on the other side. Then we started "fighting", it was more like a Dark Samus battle. I shot as many super missiles as possible. At some point we were teleported to Winterwood park where it was cloudy and daytime but not very bright. Then the battle went into slow motion and it was much easier for me to hit the other person with missiles / super missiles and to dodge the other person's weapons. The super missiles were a bright point with a glowing orange sphere / halo around it. They might have left thin white vapor trails. At some point I was using the small Lego remote control as input. When I felt "ready" I made the time pass regularly. The other person shot a super missile at me and I dodged left, the missile hit my right foot but luckily bounced off and exploded a few meters behind. Eventually the person turned out to be Aiden O. Then after we stopped fighting we went to class which was in a large room, thinner than the cafeteria and with simple flat walls (some painted blue). We sat in the fused desk-chairs apart from each other. Was Angela there?

Feb 22
I got to the Physics classroom (it was a mix of both 209 and 210). Wardle was talking about "Whitted path-tracing", and some people had their laptops open with programming stuff. I said "that's my EE!" and that I could skip this class. I zipped up my backpack and David Hao also packed up. The classroom was very dark, some light was coming from the hallway. We left the class and headed downstairs. I wanted to search for Angela to walk outside with. I found other people and convinced them to come outside, eventually I found her. Did I also get Shaheer to join us?

Feb 23
I was doing Surround sound in some class.

Feb 24
Looking for Angela, went to atrium which was bright and sunny, she was not there. I found her in the library sitting at a table with laptop with a bunch of others. The lighting was fairly dark.

Feb 26
Was carpooling after school or something (building was longer front-back), it was night. The car was at the side this time, Steven was already inside, Mom told me to get Kevin. I went back inside, didn't look for Kevin (maybe he was close by), and went towards the front to get Angela (we usually got picked up at the front). When I went outside it changed into a fountain park something near sunset, and I continued running, but eventually a message appeared saying something like "communication is not permitted in the sacred garden", so I had to go back and find another way around. There was a path which I followed, and it looked like AXI Visualizer.

Feb 27 (Laptop)
I was running around a suburban neighborhood (apparently it was Nepean), the trees and grass were very bright green, the sky was cloudy but bright. At some point I found some ski boots, and picked them up. Then I decided to return them to school, so I started running back the way I came. When I got to an intersection, Sarah Rab's voice told me to take a different route back, so I went forward instead of turning right. The right path led into a forest, the forward one passed through some trees then out into an open field, and ended at a road. The road was 2 lanes, I don't remember any cars going along it. I walked / ran along the gravel shoulder (still holding the boots with my right hand). The road went over a short bridge with a thin black railing along the side. Further along to the right (fenced around) was a small brick building; apparently this was where the boots originated from? and there was a matching building near the school.
Feb 27 (Desktop)
I was running around "Nepean" (some suburban neighborhood), it was cloudy but fairly bright, and there were lots of very green plants and trees. Some time later, I was holding a pair of ski boots? and started running back to where I came from. At a junction, Sarah Rab's voice told me I should take a different route back, so I turned slightly left.
I was the queen (from "Crown"), I held hands with the president of Ghana.
Kutchske asked me how the EE was going.

Feb 28

Mar 7
Running to the river
Cloudy, fairly dark
Autumn, trees were colourful
Repartitioned disk space on computer

Mar 8
[...] We were taking a bus? or some transit through a city, but we were flying through the city, there were plenty of tall buildings scattered around, but most buildings were short. It was daytime, probably late afternoon (the sun was fairly low and warm yellow) and blue sky. Most buildings were made of rough beige stone, but some newer ones had dark glass and matte black parts. We remarked on some select buildings, including one new one that was short but 2x1 city blocks long. It had some logo / title in light grey.
Some middle-aged woman started following us...

Mar 11
[...] Minecraft
On a constructed platform with wooden fence as borders. Flew through mountains and big landscapes and forests.
[...] Metroid Prime 3
A large piece of debris fell on Samus, knocking her down. It was outside? and there was red fog (kind of like Last Story). Eventually she got up but her suit was damaged, and I needed to repair it with the plasma beam welding. I decided to see what would happen if I didn't repair it.
I turned around to see what was behind, there was a wall with a large crack in it, probably glowing due to Phazon. I approached it but then Dark Samus appeared on the other side and sealed up the wall.

Vertical cross-section
[ = part of cracked wall; o = initial position, facing right; ~ = lava / fuel gel

[                   ____       +----
[ o>      _____-----    |      |
+---     |              |      |
|~~~~~~~~|              |~~~~~~|

[...] We were at an event, possibly Ofsaa or robotics, me and someone else (possibly Abby) were walking outside. The sky was blue, the sun was to the left. There was plenty of snow covering open areas. We walked through a parking lot which was clear of snow, the air smelled pretty bad because of car exhaust. We were heading towards a large old wooden building which had a classic symmetric sloped roof, which was the restaurant where we were having the team dinner. The wood looked very dark. We went down some snow-covered steps to a side door leading to the basement.
Watching musical, but left before 2nd part

Mar 12
[...] I entered into a modern-style building, there were many people sleeping in black sleeping bags. Steven and Richard were there, when I came in Steven woke up and poked his head out and said something like "we're going to be late", but Richard was still sleeping. The lighting was fairly grey, probably cloudy outside. There were probably windows higher up in the central area.

Mar 14
[...] Missing the wooden part of violin (had the fingerboard, scroll, and strings). I thought that I left it in my ski bag. That was a few rooms (MP2 style) away.

Mar 15
[...] Searching for Dad, underground parking garage, elevator to "lounge".
[...] Somebody was keeping some animals in a pen, then another person came and moved the inner boundary of the pen to the middle for their own animals. Then after a while the second person came and moved the boundary in the other dimension about a third in. After a while he came again intending to move the boundary again. But this time the first person stood by the fence blocking the way. But apparently both characters were actually bears. One of them was brown and the other one was white (I forget which was which). The second bear came right up to the first one and slashed at him a few times with his claws.

Mar 16
[...] We were having a 3D Enthusiasts meeting, apparently we used room 214 (Chem class). I needed to retrieve a stack of paper with my notes (it looked like Dragos math homework) from the other end of the hallway. It was there, so I quickly went back to the room; when I opened the door the class was full of people! I thought I had not prepared a presentation at all, but I turned on the monitor normally for CougarVision, and there was something there. I decided to quickly look through all the slides to see what it was about; most slides had visually dark images and there were many gifs and possibly memes?, some about how music influences ____.

Mar 17
[...] We were watching the musical? The air was foggy and red (like Dark Aether or Pirate Homeworld), and some spotlights were illuminating the stage. At some point Angela Gao was on my right and she recognized me first, and we half hugged. She looked like Philip Yu. Then some people went into a passageway underneath the stage, which apparently led to the sewers. I went a little way in but came back out.
[...] I was in Dark Aether, there were two friendly turrets that were shooting at some floating enemies, but they were fairly weak. They looked like turtles (the shell and body were separate scans) and had safe zones around them. One of them was destroyed by the enemies, and the other one retreated underground but its safe zone was still there.

Mar 18
[...] We were going to climb up a glass tower (octagonal prism) in the middle of some city. It was daytime, the sky was light grey-blue and sunny.
[...] There was a portal, and some hostile plants around it which I destroyed with the Dark beam.

Mar 19
[...] We were on a space station. I said goodbye to (Dark?) Samus and she went to an elevator. I also went to an elevator (cylindrical with glowing / additive light blue walls) that took me down one floor; the other person took another elevator which also went down a floor. Both floors were open platforms, we could see Earth pretty big to the left (looked like Norion) and there was probably sun coming from above-forward-right. The floor/roof above us was dark, but then some glowing blue lines appeared and faded which signalled that the space station was deactivating (which was our objective). Then the gravity gradually decreased and we held on to some bars. The station started going into the atmosphere which was cloudy and fairly bright. At some point the other person told me to get on top of the bars (I was holding on from underneath) because there were going to be many impacts. I did so and shortly after there were some jolts / bumps. I asked the person when we should deploy our parachutes and he said something, but we were extremely wanted and there were anti-air guns looking for us (they were white color). Eventually we landed safely in a grassy field beside some large flat brick building, it was still cloudy and fairly bright.
[...] We were in a restaurant. Some person / people recognized us and were going to call the police but others dissuaded them from doing so. I wondered whether it was because we were so young that people liked us.
[...] I was trying to write down the previous dreams on what looked like AXI Docs on my phone. I made an entry for March 20, but then saw that several aspects of what I was going to write were already there in earlier entries, and I was very confused. There was something about Greg Mckean.
[...] We were driving on a road / highway through bright green forest (maybe with mountains in the distance?). At some point we exited the highway right before a traffic jam, and ended up in (Old?) Chelsea. I asked Edy if we could still get to our destination (Chris's house?) from here and he said yes. I wanted to keep going but Alan said we should get some poutine. So we walked towards a small group of small buildings (it was bright and probably sunny now, with light young trees). We entered one of the buildings, and some waiter led us to a table. She recognized us but we told her that if she called the police then we would leave and not give business, so she reluctantly agreed. Then one of us had written down the waiter's ID number, but she asked to replace it since she was not going to expose us. I was worried that some other patrons / clients would recognize us but Edy said "remember what happened before?" so we would be fine.
(Metroid-style puzzle?)
[...] We reached the school (but it was a different layout). I was waiting for the other people to get ready, and wondered whether I should go to the bathroom now or later. Henry said to go now, so I went there but there were many many people of both genders. I opened a stall door but then Angela poked her head out of the space to the right and said something like "I'm fine with socializing, but ____"
[...] I was running around some university grounds at night, it was very nice weather and clear sky. I deposited my (yellow?) jacket inside a small lobby building, ran around and retrieved it from the other side. There were some people in wheelchairs lined up for whatever service there was in the building. Then I went right into the residential sector (which had some specific nickname) on my way back.

Mar 20
[...] I was in some sort of airport-like building, but also visiting Toronto university. I saw Mihail and his friends (Thomas, maybe Jerry and Ray, plus Evan) coming down some steps and I followed them. Then we were in a large hallway, and two of the CB people were wearing red vests, apparently they were volunteers? for something, or maybe still doing Vex. I was standing with somebody, we were wondering where the tour / meeting began and some info desk gave us the location. Eventually we were in some underground part which looked like the casinos in Las Vegas, there was a small pit with many obstructions so I flew / swam over it, while some people went through the pit and others went around. I asked probably Henry who went around the pit whether he could swim (or fly?)
[...] I was remembering or in a swimming class, I looked at the class list and Henry and somebody else were there, but I was surprised that Matto was also there.
[...] I was fighting Dark Samus and she was using Power Bombs, so I threw a Power Bomb at her while she was activating one and it caused much damage. The room was something like Torvus bog or even Lazulis road, it was pretty bright but cloudy, a small lake surrounded by cliffs, with fairly dull-colored textures.
[...] I was beside a small airport runway in a clearing in a dense forest. It was nighttime but not too dark. An airplane came down but went back up because it couldnt stop fast enough, but I thought that there was no way this runway was too short for that small craft. After circling around, the plane was going too fast so the pilot pitched up and turned on the bottom thrusters (like Samus's ship in MP3) and the plane swung back and forth in a U shape a few times. But then it stalled going up and crashed on the ground. The crash sounded like a Twilight Princess bomb or MP1 plasma beam. Some person managing the runway commented on the pilot, apparently it was a 1 or 2 person plane, smaller than I  thought. At this point, the sky to the left was glowing soft bright pink and it was close to sunrise. I took out my phone and ran towards an opening in the trees / small hill to see better, but then the clouds on the opposite side started glowing red-orange. I ran up the 1 or 2 meter tall hill but it was too late, the sun was already golden yellow and the sky was bright blue and the clouds were silver gray. It was still a beautiful morning though. Then someone was following me, it turned out to be a little kid, and he was mischevous and spoke French. He started throwing rocks at me and I told him something like "c'est pas bon de élancer des choses!" but he just laughed and continued throwing bigger and sharper rocks at me. One particularly flat and sharp one I avoided by jumping over it, then I decided to just run away from this crazy kid.

Mar 21
[...] We were going through a forest trail, with mountain bikes (likely me Alan and Edy). The trail was mostly dirt, but it was dry and a little like sand. It was cloudy and fairly bright. The forest was temperate, it seemed like fall or spring, the colors were muted. At several points there were large rocks embedded in the path so we had to get off our bikes and hoist them up or down.
[...] I was walking on our path towards the T-junction with the Greenboro main path, and saw many birds; two different ones had landed on a birdhouse on the right and were interacting. I held out my left hand and eventually a bird landed on it. This bird was mostly white, a little dirty. Its wings were probably light grey or brown. It was fairly large, standing it was slightly taller than my hand. Overall it looked stately but slightly annoyed and its feathers were not very orderly.

Mar 23
[...] We were driving on a snowy path, then a bus appeared at a side road from the right coming onto this road. It turned and I saw many people, I was then running on the snow beside the bus and waved and said hi to everyone, Caleb's window was open and he was laughing, and further ahead probably Angeline was sitting beside the window and she waved at me. Then Caleb apparently got out of the bus while it was still moving and joined me and we ran together with the bus. But eventually the bus driver stopped and got out and chastised us (more at me than Caleb) for doing illegal stuff. He said he knew about my causing troubles before this and he threatened to do something. Then I was very sad and I wrote down several "Nova Bassa" things in a table which were supposed to be things which made me sad; I wanted to cry but couldn't.
[...] I was in some sort of Metroid-like dungeon / building. I opened a door which apparently said in red letters something like "binding conditions apply" to opening the door. Then there was some structure like the Leviathan infant and one part which I shot to reveal a door to the outside.

[...] I got onto the bus, and was deciding where to sit; the driver / supervisor said there were plenty at the back but as I went there Michael Kyrollos was sitting there, possibly with Erick. So I went back to the front where Gabes and Jarrad were sitting (and somebody else maybe Henry or Caleb).
[...] I was in room 225, but all the desks were reversed so they faced back / up. I initially was sitting at the bottom right, but the computer was very slow so I let somebody else use it and I said "this is from 2013, but there are other ones in here from 2015". Then I went to the second-to-top row, also on the right side. There was a laptop in front of the first computer which I thought meant someone was using it, so I moved to the second one. But this one didn't have the Coding Club account so I couldn't get in. Then Mr. Sasse came inspecting people and he asked me what I was doing. I said I needed the Iris Pro GPU in the first computer and he agreed so I moved the laptop somewhere and logged in, but whoever was using it before had opened some random web pages (the current one was a blank text editor that looked like MIT Scratch) and Mr. Sasse said something like "oh, so this is what your code looks like?"
[...] Samus was getting away from some GF troopers, apparently she was weak to ice shots. One trooper (maybe Adam) fired an ice shot at her, creating a small stalactite and making her stuck, but not doing any damage. So she called her ship to drop some missiles, but apparently the ship was also averse to ice. After a few moments she decided to make her ship crash into the troopers and their tank / mobile base.

Mar 24
[...] There was some event at school based on Metroid, the first part was some simulation of a 2d game, there was one part where you were supposed to swing backwards to get onto a platform, several times, and it was very hard to get past it. The perspective sort of resembled Smash Bros Brawl in the half-2d sense, or alternatively a Morph ball passage. There was a wall directly behind the platforms, it was beige and was lit by some lights at the top. The platforms were dark grey, possibly like mini roads or conveyer belts.
I got around 36 points = 2 * 12 energy tanks (represented by yellow chalk) + 12 * missile expansions (pink chalk)? and everyone else had at least 44.
Angela was disappointed that I had so few points
At the end of the event we were supposed to battle the Emperor Ing, but apparently I was late and they were already packing up.
Then I was battling the EI in the gym, using Hypermode.
Eventually I ran out of Hypermode and used Light beam, and tried using the Sunburst a few times. Then it dissapeared and I used the Echo visor to lock on and fire a Sunburst but it missed the weak spot. When I went back to the regular visor I only had one tank and 44 energy left (out of a mostly-full expansion bar) but luckily there were some MP3-style energy units around that I picked up.
After a bit longer the boss was almost dead but I only had 25 or 35 energy left, and it was shooting some annoying beams at me that caused 5 or 10 damage each.
After I exited the location, Caleb was complaining that he almost finished the game, so that meant I was around the same place as him. I went to the atrium (arrived from the Geo hallway), Angela was talking with Alex MP and somebody else

I was looking from behind the stage, there were 2 projectors projecting stuff onto the back of the stage curtains, possibly showing stats. Somebody that I was not very close to (maybe Maddy Atkinson or Rachel Chu) was nearby also watching the displays.
[...] I was sitting at a round restaurant-style table, and several OYO people were around for whatever reason. Eventually Farid came and we said hi and the the others also said hi.

Mar 25
[...] We (probably with Henry and Matto) were in a VM-style gym, a class was behind the stage? I took a basketball and bounced it a few times. Then VM Mr. Parsons came out of somewhere and said "who's bouncing that basketball?" and I said me and put it away. I also picked up Henry's jacket from a bench and gave it to Henry.
Then Mr. Harthun was annoyed at us for playing around in the gym...

[...] I was supposed to be playing the cello for the musical, I took it out of the case and it only had the G string. The person to my left (maybe David Chen) said that I should put on the extra string, I found it and put it on as the D string. 
We went down to the rear of the basement to get the the elevator - which was a ski lift chair but made from construction paper. I sat in (with or without David?) and it went up into a tall unlit rectangular shaft. Eventually it got to the right level and I got off and everyone was already there around in rooms with glass doors around the perimeter of the elevator shaft (there was a walkway along the edge).

Mar 26
[...] I was in a 3rd-person game (probably inspired by Golden Compass). The player / main character (seemed like Will Parry) was being chased by someone / something dangerous. He had two protectors, who looked like scary ghouls (floating in the air, black tattered capes, thin gray bodies / heads) but were actually angels (probably like Baruch and Bathalmos). I / the game was in a small alley between brick buildings, the ground was probably fine gravel. It was either quite cloudy or nighttime with warm yellow lights on the walls (which were sometimes oversaturated / clipped). There was a tutorial, it directed me to go beside a wall covered in ivy and there was a rainbow-edged white arrow denoting the place surrounded by a similar-style circle. I went there and one of the ghouls came beside me, then a gate on the other side of the alley opened and an old-fashioned pickup truck came through without incident. Then I was free to walk around the city a bit and explore. After a while I returned to this place, but then there was a very scary whooshing sound and both ghouls appeared to protect me; this time the pickup truck was already coming through the near gate, and directly in front / behind it was the person / thing that was looking for me, accompanied by some guards of their own. They passed right by me (and through the ghouls) without noticing so the ghouls did protect me well. Then we all knew we had to move so I followed / ran behind the ghouls who were flying quite fast. Eventually the main character fell behind and only saw one, and eventually found out that he was following some random person so now he was lost.
[...] This computer when booting Ubuntu had some unwanted applications showing up and I was very confused about how that happened, so I decided to do a fresh install, and backed up the most important files onto some USB. After doing the reinstall it was fixed.

Mar 28
[...] We were in some building with one large room, the walls were concrete and gray, it was night outside and there were some bright spotlights shining on the walls for illumination. Somebody started juggling wine bottles at the "front" of the room (opposite to the entrance/exit), in the spotlights, starting with two and adding a third one. Everybody watched him and clapped once he finished / dropped the bottles. I thought it was fairly late and wanted to leave but someone else (maybe Caleb or Angela) said "no, it's our first university party" so we stayed. Then Angela told me that she dreamt that I was a puppy and I scared away some other dogs. I initially didn't remember a dream but then I did and said I dreamt that we were in League of Legends.
[...] I was in the basement of the school with Mr. Harthun, in a small room with dark-toned carpet, white walls and neutral lighting, and a table in the center. We were taking apart an alkaline battery. He or somebody else sliced off the negative end of the battery with a very big blade, and someone took out the white alkaline powder putting it into a small cap. I transferred the cap to the other end of the table but I dropped it and the powder spilled onto the floor. Apparently that would cause a fire, so Harthun told me to evacuate and he stayed behind to try to clean up. I went up some stairs and everybody went outside into the back fields, it was night and the sky was black. The school was well lit by yellow lights, but the walls looked like they were made of bricks. Initially we didn't see anything unusual but then some flames started coming from a farther part of the building, the inner flames were purple and the outer parts were orange. After a bit suddenly some huge flames that were completely purple came out of the whole building, and somebody said something like "ah, purple is from alkali metals, so we all know who did it!"
[...] I was in some fantasy game type scenario. I was trying to infiltrate / get to some spot, it was sandy and there was a maze of ancient yellowish stone brick walls and metal gates (seemed slightly like Reptid Catacombs), and some people / enemies were trying to attack me.
[...] I was in some Metroid Prime type world, I got into a small artificial room looking over a rocky desert gully. It was rather dark, there were some dim blueish lights around the room and the outside sky seemed like space (black sky with sun).

Mar 29
[...] We were running along a cliffside path, it was cloudy and maybe slightly raining, we were probably chasing some people, but we met them at a lookout point and they were Victoria Wang and somebody else.
[...] I went into a building / shopping mall, possibly in China, somebody else was with me. The mall looked quite deserted, there were few restaurants with few people. The entrance part was dark wood in a modern style, there were red backlighted signs for the shops. It was fairly cloudy outside. We went into a hallway and one of us said something like "it must be a combined building" as there were hotel rooms between the shops. Venturing farther in we saw more people in small restaurants, and we eventually got to a small corner / end area where a few people were sitting at various places; Victoria and the person with her from the previous part were also there and we said hi.

Mar 30
[...] I was in a small cabin in a snowy field, piling up snow with my feet on the bottom of the windows to prevent air leakage. It was pretty cloudy and windy and possibly snowing.

Mar 31
[...] Zero-suit Samus was on an asteroid / alien ship (looked like a tiny gray moon) and escaped / left through the front. Some planet was close by, maybe Phaaze. Her MP2 ship was floating around in some small asteroids and she crashed / bumped right into it which caused both to reverse directions. Then there was some warp field created (possibly by Phazon or the alien ship). There were swirls of white (like SpiralParticleSystem) that brightened and thickened until only the pieces of rock close by were visible. Then Samus got pulled into the warp and emerged in some artificial rooms. Then some enemies came and I prepared for a firefight but then I noticed that Will Wang was one of them, and they were all people wearing black clothes.
[...] We were in some restaurant
[...] I was running to some stairs going up and I met Kevin Li and Shaheer and possibly Hertek coming down; I said "Hi Kevin!".
[...] Ski lift, very large fruits

Apr 2
[...] Observing some people walking away from some event.
One person followed two females into some building through a revolving door. Inside there was a circle of people watching a female dancing.
[...] Fighting Dark Samus, first with regular charge beam, then I "picked up" the Light and Dark cannons from a random table or stool and tried those. The Dark charge successfully froze Dark Samus but I was lacking missiles.
[...] Looking for spare clothes? There was a semicircular rack which held many clothes, this was in a small room with bare white walls & ceiling. It was daytime; the sun was not directly shining inside from the large windows to the left but the reflected light was still fairly strong. I found some semiformal dark-green plad long sleeved shirt that I kept (or put on?). They might have been all womens clothes. There was a panel on one wall which had some red LED numbers counting something (possibly how many items I tried). I was still looking for some suitable pants.
[...] We were eating at a picnic table in some rural place, beside a road intersection. It was summer, sunny and blue sky.
[...] There was something like a water slide which we went on. It was very long, at first it descended through a mountain, the path looked like some long escalator in an underground shopping mall. Eventually it led outside to a valley where there were 2 vertical loops and then the slide ended on a very narrow bridge. The bridge was maybe 1 or 2 meters wide and made of metal mesh (it was just a floor). It seemed to have no suspension or support, floating very high above the valley which was covered with dark green forest. It was very cool.

Apr 3
[...] The finished 2020 vehicle looked very good.
[...] Mingde was cracking his wrist?
[...] Running in the Greenbelt area, it was cloudy and fairly dark. There was a good lookout point where the sunset could be seen. 
Raining, going back to Greenboro.
[...] Running from school to somewhere and back to school along the north side of a river. The sky was bright and deep blue and the sun was warm yellow.
[...] Taking a bus after school to Rideau, was going to text Henry to see whether most people were going there, phone was low batteries.
[...] Something like Last Story, we arrived in a room with some enemies. The floor and walls were gray concrete like the basement floor, there was some yellow lighting in one area and dim turquoise-blue ambient lighting facing down (the roof was dark / not visible). There was an Ingsmasher in a corner which I approached and info'ed (pressing +) which said it was an "obstructor golem" or something which meant it could use shields. I hit it a few times and it activated and made a shield which was facing mostly upwards so it didn't have much effect on me. Then I used Gale and saw an enemy mage doing something so I dispersed that. Eventually we defeated everyone and went on. Eventually we got to our home / base but there were some random bandits standing around which we chased / killed off.
[...] We were possibly in the school. In the same room as the previous dream, this time it was only the Ingsmasher but it looked more like corrupted Ghor. We all just started attacking it, I used Accelerate. Then I was in the world, standing directly right and behind of Zael and I felt him swing his sword or axe at the golem. Eventually the Ghor / golem moved into the next room and we prepared to follow. Somebody created a bunch of small floating spiky black orbs with a glowing orange aura around them which could apparently shoot needles at enemies, I thought that was very cool / good idea. Then we went into the next room which looked like a classroom. Some fighting broke out. I went to the desk and there were 2 keyboards, one very antique and white and a slightly more modern black one. I took the black keyboard and used it for a bit somehow to attack. Then there was some other guy who was on the opposing side that was aiming at me with a crossbow or something so I put down the keyboard and took out some flat black panel that was like a camera but apparently it could also shoot arrows, I put the other person in focus and pressed the button to take a picture but nothing happened. Then the other guy stepped over some boxes to get closer and he had a gun with a sleeping dart / needle. I was panicked and there was nowhere to hide and I couldn't do anything, but then Henry was almost in between us minding his own business and I moved to the left so that he was between us. The other guy cursed mildly because he didn't notice Henry but still shot at him. Then I moved to try to disarm him since he only had that one needle, but he grabbed the one he just shot before I could strike him. Then we moved around for a few moments looking at each other and then I suppose he fired.

Apr 4
[...] ?
[...] I was in something like Metroid, walking on a hilly plateau beside a cliff. There were some enemies that looked like small clouds or smoke. I got to the entrance to some dungeon type place that was underground. There was a pink enemy guarding the entrance that shot lasers. I destroyed it and went inside. Then it partly turned into Minecraft in some large cave system. I looked for cobblestone in the inventory and there was a lot of random stuff like tall grass and not-full stacks of items. I found some special type of fire charges with a blue core, and a few stacks worth of cobblestone.

Apr 5
[...] Playing violin, turning pages
[...] ???
[...] Watching some small ensemble, the auditorium was very cool, seats sloped downward fairly steeply. It was pretty dark but there was some ambient / sky light coming from some windows at the far back / top, and some lights shining onto the stage. I was possibly sitting with Steven? And Felix was on the stage with a violin, and there were a few others. I looked around for other people.

Apr 6
[...] ?

Apr 8
[...] We were in a very white room with a fairly tall ceiling, I jumped around on some floating black platforms, but found nothing. We had to scan several panels (air dryers?) in order to exit, then we went into some movie theater place.

Apr 9
[...] Was in some Metroid Prime style Morph ball passage, climbing up the inside of a sandstone tower.
[...] Was in some MP3-style passage, the end was blocked by some Phazon growths, so I turned on Hypermode.
[...] I was in a room or elevator, the walls were dark blueish-gray (like Norion buildings). On one side, there was another shaft which had many small robot spheres falling. Then when they hit the ground they got converted into heat or something and came through a vent in the center of this room which was glowing red. There was some robot-like thing (somewhat like the multiplayer avatars in Portal) that was evil, it accidentally went right on top of the vent. 

[...] I was in some cylindrical hallway, the walls looked like wood and the floor was maybe carpet? It was fairly dark and sparsely lit by warm yellow lights near the floor. It looked very elegant, as if it was the basement of some palace. I upgraded from "Classical armor" to "Planetary armor", there was some cutscene / animation of each piece, and I felt them vibrate.
[...] I was with someone (maybe Angela?), we went through some small passageway into a parallel hallway with the same style as the one we came from. Then there was an escalator that we walked up; we caught up to someone (maybe Alex Zhou) who was standing near the top.

Apr 10
[...] We were going on a ski trip
Got on the bus but wanted to get my water bottle and my thin leggings
Then the bus left without me and I was sad that everyone else was going together.
[...] Sitting on a mini train, went sideways in and out of some area. A large cylindrical room made of black material, with one end open to the outside (a cliff? high in the sky), watching some dance / play in a platform in the center.
[...] In Minecraft, searching for something. Initially I was on a small island with one oak tree (but the island was just in a river) which I mined and planted the sapling. Then the island was surrounded by wooden fence or bars. I dug a staircase down and met a blaze in some small cave that looked like it was inhabited.

Apr 11
[...] I could transform into several types of ghost ("incorporeal", shadow, etc.) and could swim through walls with these. I was inside a mansion / building with several rooms that had Metroid / Zelda style puzzles. I was initially in normal / human form, and went into a room which had deep blue walls and a puzzle; there was a closed door (like a regular wooden house door) coming from the second level which came onto a small platform surrounded by dark gray bars, with a small chute to exit. There was no way to get there from where I was. On the first floor which I was at there was a row of things that were needed to unlock a door; I decided to transform into a ghost and swam through the wall instead. The next room was very large and looked like a Costco store. I flew around and then went back to avoid being noticed. I eventually got back to the entrance of the building where there were some people entering / exiting and I had to avoid being noticed. The entrance was 2 sets of double doors; I opened the one by myself and was potentially noticed by some people, so I waited until they came and opened one of the outer doors and followed through before it closed. Outside was cloudy and fairly dark. I was mostly safe, so I flew / swam towards an intersection. The building that I just exited was low and made of brick. There was a parking lot around at least the side and front, which was separated from the roads by a small strip of dirt with some trees and bushes. It seemed fairly urban. Apparently I was now wearing my red bag and people would notice that there was a red bag floating around so I transformed back into a human and continued to walk toward the intersection. Now I wanted to get on a bus to go somewhere; a route 42 came along but I was looking for another number.

[There was a smooth transition between these]

[...] We were walking along a grass pathway (within a forest) to some park. There were train tracks on both sides of the path, also through grass. I walked faster, there was a very wet spot which I carefully went across. Then a train came towards the direction we were going, it splashed through the big puddle on the tracks but the driver made sure nobody was in the way. Then the driver opened her window and said something somewhat humorous to me. We arrived at the park which was similar to Calzavara park (near St. Thomas More school), it was sunny and the sky was clear blue with a few small clouds.

[...] We were going to watch something in a large auditorium (the size of the Vex provincials theatre). I looked for Angela but she was sitting with probably Carol and Anna Spasojevic. I sat beside David Hao and somebody, behind us was Shaheer and somebody else.
At some point I tried singing very high notes pretty successfully. Then probably Labrie was sitting in front of us and she liked my singing, I did an arpeggio and got one octave and a third and barely the fifth. Then the person on the other side of David started singing a song in his regular voice, I did not know it or the lyrics but I joined in with the right notes and lyrics after 2 or 3 phrases.

Apr 12
[...] We were in some sandy place?
[...] I was looking for clothes and put on the dark green t-shirt

Apr 14
[...] In some building / hotel
There were some girls near a corner of 2 hallways; somebody that looked like a mix of Erhan and Angela Chen came to me and said something and then we hugged, then I wondered if she had mistaken me for someone else.
I met David Chen 2002, he was wearing a suit and had a very large plaque hanging from his neck (it covered his whole body). We walked through a narrow hallway and got to a larger area. I asked him whether he just returned from Deca and won something.
[...] I was in an abandoned building? and tasked to find something or explore it. I had a small remote controlled tank (like Lego) which was for transportation. Apparently I needed to keep an oil tank in the kitchen full so that the power stayed on. I walked with the tank to the kitchen and opened a cabinet below the sink. There was a transparent basin half full of probably olive oil, I made the tank put in some more and left it there while I went to explore the other parts.

Apr 15
[...] I was in Metroid, in a giant canyon. It was late afternoon with golden sun and there were many thin light clouds in the otherwise light-blue sky. The canyon's rock was also yellowish, and there was light lime-green grass covering most exposed areas. I was on a step some ways down from the top of the canyon; I came from a large dark (alien?) structure at one end. I was at a series of small platforms / columns. There were some transparent yellow spheres bouncing around that were apparently hazards, the Screw Attack was supposed to be used to get past them. I got to the end of the "puzzle" at a ledge lower down and farther out into the canyon. I couldn't see anything special but then a prompt or icon showed a large piece of rock connected by a very thin point to the canyon slope, and I was supposed to fire a missile at that point so I did, and the large rock fell and exposed a recess in the other side of the canyon. I tried to jump and Screw attack over but it was too far away. I looked at the map and I would have to fly to another area to get to that side. I was preparing to backtrack all the way to the building I came from, but then I teleported there which was nice. The interior was very large, I was on a balcony overlooking a rectangular atrium. There were 2 space pirates nearby and they noticed me and we battled (this felt like the original Metroid Prime).
[...] I looked in a mirror and I had very large eyes?

Apr 16
[...] There was a girl who was allergic to some 3-word phrase (something like "does she move"). Apparently when she was young she didn't know about this allergy, but then her teacher / mentor said that phrase and both discovered it, and it probably was something forbidden or a curse which should be kept secret. Currently, the girl was walking down a hallway (seemed a bit like Hogwarts) and 3 other girls were coming the other way. They had heard about the rumor of someone being allergic to the phrase but didn't know who, so they somewhat jeeringly said the phrase to her. She was alarmed and tried to hide her reaction successfully and the others did not notice and continued walking.
[...] We were entering a Pizza Hut, we had to pay around $6.47 just to get inside. We walked up some stairs to the actual restaurant.
There were many people inside or waiting for the bathroom, sitting around in the hallway (both genders). I tried to step over them but it was hard to balance and people were coming out too. I accidentally leaned on some girl's leg and she was annoyed. Eventually I got in. The walls were beige, there were line lights above the row of sinks (embedded in a single, also beige, stone slab). I began washing my hands but then Mr. Wardle appeared at the other end, apparently he was directing people to not crowd the bathroom entrance.
[...] We were in some sort of library. Andy Kim was sitting close to the right. I was very angry for some reason and pushed over a short bookshelf with such force that it rolled upside down and all the books stayed exactly in the same place. Mr. Wardle was standing somewhere and he was mildy impressed (so was Andy). But he still wanted me to flip it back over without disturbing the books.
[...] We were in some fields at night. I had at least 2 companions. One was probably a fairy and could communicate with "spirits" and she told us where we should go. We came to a crossroads. Then the fairy said that the spirits were 6 Fake Lyras and they were being naughty / mischevous and trying to lure us into a trap or something. Then the surroundings turned into Minecraft within AXI Visualizer, and we started walking again. Then the framerate slowed down and I wanted to test why.

Apr 17
[...] We were in a hotel which was very large and fancy. The ground floor / lobby had a very high ceiling, the floor and walls were white-beige marble and there were dark red carpets and curtains around. We went into an elevator. Apparently there was a "monster" on the floor that we were going to, but we didn't know whether it was still there. When the doors opened everyone rushed out to get to the other side of the building, but the monster was gone so we relaxed. I went to my room, apparently Yiming was my roommate.
[...] We were in some restaurant, we originally just ate some appetizers (looked like fried chicken wings or large tempura shrimp). Then we decided to order some entrees. I saw that the specialty items were shrimp and something else (probably chicken or white fish). I said we should order those but but then they dissapeared from the menu and we flipped through it but couldn't find them. Then at some point a waiter came by and asked Dad if he wanted seafood linguine and he said yes.

Apr 19
[...] In Music class?
[...] ?
[...] We were in English class, except the room was small and the style looked like it was in a residential house. I was probably sitting to the right of David Chen, and Angela was on his left. The class ended and we all stood up at varying times. I noticed that Angela was wearing some strange glasses that looked like a pair of monocles connected by a thick plastic arch. She also had very large eyes, and I thought she looked very cute with those eyes. I wondered where her eyes came from and remembered that I had just dreamt something very similar. There were a bunch of conversations going on, David was talking with some people in front, Angela made some joke.
[Smooth transition?] Then we were in the computer room, somebody was using the regular desktop and I was sitting or kneeling on the ground waiting for them to finish. They probably were using Textpad. Ms. Lee came around to tell us what we were supposed to do, most people had a small assignment, but when she came to me she said "Bio IA" and I said yes.
[Woke up about 6:30]
[...] We were in a very large shopping mall / convention center with several floors; there were many escalators, stairs, and ramps connecting the areas.
[...] I was on my way to play board games or something with Caleb and Henry. Apparently we were originally planning to go see some celebrities but decided not to.
I ran to downtown or Quebec (there was a large bridge that I crossed), and needed to get back. It was nighttime and cloudy so fairly bright. Our car was parked in a parking lot, I wondered whether I should drive it myself or call someone. Then Alan showed up and he could drive us back. Then we were 3 people, Erick was driving and he said that people were making fun of us (me, Henry, and Caleb) for trying to see celebrities and there was some conspiracy among the other CB people to do something to us.
[...] Angela was trying to call me, the laptop was very low batteries (2%), and her voice was very high pitched.

Apr 20
[...] ?
[...] I was composing music and playing on the piano. Mom was watching something on the computer and it was fairly loud.

Apr 21
[...] We were a large group (maybe 10 people), walking to somewhere. The sky was very cloudy and it was raining. We got to some pass below a bridge or building. I knew that there was a tunnel ahead to the left that led to where we wanted to go. But everyone else except one person started going back because they didn't want to continue. Eventually I decided to follow them and whoever stayed with me came too.
[...] I was walking on the street with skis and poles, it was winter and nighttime and the road was covered with snow.
[...] I was comparing 2 thick books (maybe Great Gatsby). One was from school and the other was ours.

Apr 23
[...] I took some tomatoes (myrtle), walking down road
chased by police, hid in bookstore
then other CB people were there and helping

[...] People were sheltering-in-place in the staff room (next to cafeteria)
Yiming was sitting on top of a ledge, I asked him whether he got up using a chair that was sitting against the wall. Then some teacher told the people on top to get down.
[...] I went outside to see who was there. It was sunny, maybe late morning, and a fair amount of people were walking around on the fields. Sharon and Poppy? were talking, and maybe Michael Kyrollos and Erick.

[...] We were eating stuff in the "staff room", though it had cafeteria tables. There was a lot of fruit. The table next to us had a large pile of discarded / unwanted fruit that looked fine. Somebody dropped a kiwi on top of the pile.

Apr 24
[...] Going through a shopping mall, following Alan and Edy? Ended outside, they were looking at the buses that came.

[...] In school, lots of classes were going outside (to the river?). I asked Hughes whether we could go and he said not yet, so I asked if I could go by myself and he said yes, but turn right at the river and take the next right fork.
[...] I was going to my locker to get my running clothes, but the locker was open and Novera and Julia Nguyen were inside! I said hey, and they came out; Novera's locker was apparently right beside mine.
I put on the clothes and was tying my shoelaces when Mme Labrie came with her class. She asked if I wanted to join their class. Then they started singing some tune from some classical opera, Novera and Julia joined in, and eventually I recognized the tune and also joined in. Labrie said that it was a ballet / ballad of the swans and said that if I wanted to run I should join the class as a dancer.
[...] I was walking down a hallway and Henry and Andy Kim were in the doorway of a classroom (this seemed more like a new university building). They wanted to play AXI Combat but I wanted to run, so I decided that we could play Combat first. I hoped the Raspberry Pi was reliable.
[...] I was walking in the atrium, and then Labrie came from the music hallway going to the geo hallway and she saw me but kept going.
[...] I was in my room, looking at some app, there were several "notifications" from a particular account, which I suspected was a robot. Then I kicked through the wall of my closet and came into a parallel room which was mostly identical to mine, this was apparently the home of the robot account. There was an exposed wire coming from the outlet near the door, it was sparking. I was satisfied by this exploration and went back through the hole in the closet.
[...] We were driving to Billings Bridge, we went down a steep incline and I felt the weightlessness and it made me feel very dizzy until we got to a flat part.

Apr 25
[...] We had just finished a swimming practice or similar (maybe at Carleton). I went into the showers briefly and then went to the main atrium to get my stuff. 
Matto, Henry, Caleb, Villime, Jarrad
[...] Hotel

Apr 26
[...] Somebody had built a train and there were some tracks in a snowy / icy place. This place was fairly dark but the ambient light was pretty blue. Some antagonists (possibly the government?) had laid a trap along a part of the track where two lines of probably spearmen stood along the track and some creature was waiting underground to disable the train when it came over.
[...] We were in some shopping mall or similar, there was a showcase or special event happening and lots of people were watching along the edges. The walls were made of beige stone bricks and the whole place felt slightly old-fashioned. The open space was roughly hemispherical, with two floors.

Apr 27
[...] We were playing some video game, and decided to explore a new area on the map.
I was in a mix of Twilight Princess (mechanics) and Minecraft (visually). I had loaded a save where I was on a horse and being chased by goblin rider annoyances. It was daytime. Holding the + button was supposed to pause the game but it did not pause. I decided to continue to the new area on my horse and use some "carrots" to boost speed. Eventually the terrain got less blocky and maybe more like voxels. The navigable area was reduced to narrow paths like TP, with too-bright grass floor and primitive shallow rocky walls (though the surrounding terrain was reasonably visible). I took some turns at a few forks and eventually arrived at the new area. This looked real.
The path was in the bottom of some sort of ravine, it was probably late autumn now with bare trees and a fair amount of leaves on the ground. The path was light gravel and there might have been a bridge which it crossed under.
I dismounted and went up into the forest to look around.

(it was now night)
Eventually I encountered a goblin archer who was hiding in the lower branches of a tree. I pulled out my shield (this now seemed like VR) and decided to try shooting it with my bow and arrow. I was holding the bow with my left hand and the shield was also strapped to my left arm. I released a few arrows and got a few hits. But then the goblin ran out of arrows and started throwing axes or similar and I dodged them. Eventually it got tired of missing me and hopped off its branch.
There was a person clothed in white who was sneaking towards me. 
Sarah Rab

[...] I was volunteering at a camp, which was in the house and completely made of CB people. At some point the number of people started to mysteriously decrease (maybe they left?). Eventually Ms. Lee asked me to help her search for somebody.

Apr 28
[...] ?
[...] The library had some old-fashioned white-colored computers. I loaded AXI Combat onto one of them, and apparently they had GTX 1070's. I started a game but the computer didn't know its local IP so I typed ipconfig into a terminal. Then Mr. Sasse came in so I switched to another window. He walked around and saw an inactive Surface charging at the edge of a table. He said something sassy and Malav picked up the tablet and moved it somewhere else. Then some smallish girl started talking about Whmis presumably for a test, and I said something like "grade 9 troubles".

Apr 29
[...] I was in some (demo?) game. I was on a long beach with a few rock formations. I decided to go right (facing inland). I got to a path leading inland but then there were lots of enemies. The player was supposed to go left.
[...] I was walking through a building, following someone (maybe Michael Kyrollos). It seemed like the basements of Carleton. We made many turns through small rooms and halls.
I exited a door and it was nighttime, very foggy and humid outside (just like Taiga); my glasses stayed foggy for a few moments when I went back inside.

Apr 30
[...] We were on some field trip? We went into a restaurant or something. There were 2 areas. I went to one but apparently it was only for the people who took ethics class or something. So I went to the other. One table had people I knew and there were some extra chairs under the table so I pulled one out and sat down. But then some waiter or supervisor yelled at me saying I was a "lonely person" and telling me to find a "proper spot" at another table. I went to another table with some (maybe less familiar) people.

[...] Matto sent me a picture of us (including Jarrad, Henry, and maybe some VM girls) that somebody else took of us waiting in line for something.
[...] I was singing pretty high notes (with lyrics) in unison with a teacher who was walking around the class.

May 1
[...] I was playing violin at a rehearsal. I couldn't read the part because I didn't have my glasses on. I picked them up off the floor and put them on, and could read it. It was a very long piece, many sections looked like piano parts. We skipped ahead to a different section.
[...] We were in French class apparently watching a movie? But we were in a strange hotel room or living area with dark red curtains, warm lighting, and fancy furniture (somewhat like Coulter's house) and we were watching some colored lights or something (definitely not a movie). When class was over, somebody came to me with a large test-tube shaped plastic water bottle (now we were suddenly in a basement-type place with concrete walls and line lights). There was something about a possible nordic ski trip. I was going to ask Sarah Rab, but she was not in our class. So I decided to find Mr. Rab and ask him. I exited the "classroom" which was in the Geo area, went through the atrium to the Language hall. It was very hot inside the atrium. Near the (north) end of the hallway there were some people sitting around on the ground; additionally Caleb and maybe Erick were looking through a closed classroom door to watch Cougarvision (Caleb was leaning on the opposite wall, Erick was right next to the door which had a vertical glass part). I continued on and went up the stairwell. Mr. Rab was saying stuff to a few students and sounded annoyed / slightly angry. I listened and apparently there was indeed going to be a meeting about a trip. After they finished and left I decided to follow Mr. Rab to give him the test tube bottle thing. When I passed the science office some other teacher came out. I continued to walk to some corner (this no longer resembled CB). I extracted a zip file which apparently resulted in a new classroom and stairwell appearing in the corner. I entered the classroom and looked around but there was nothing particularly interesting. So I went down the stairs intending to go back to class. However, this stairwell led to a different building and I couldn't get back from inside. Therefore I went outside via some automatic sliding doors. It was sunny, clear blue sky, and summer. There were 2 large pillars with staircases going up the sides that led to a hallway extension on the 4th or 5th floor of the new building I just exited. I couldn't find a close entrance to CB, so I decided to go all the way around to the front entrance.

May 2
[...] We were at a train / bus station, maybe with Julien. I accompanied him to the entrance for his train, which was the opposite direction of where I was going. Both trains arrived so I hurried around the terminal to the other side and just got in.

[...] There was an OYO concert at around 9:30 pm but we were supposed to arrive at 2 pm.
I was looking for my black shirt but couldn't find it. I did find the black pants.

I was carpooling with Kiara (apparently Arnie was there earlier so they would drop me off and pick him up). We arrived close to the venue. It was cloudy and daytime, somewhat dark, probably late afternoon. I was about to open the door but then Arnie's dad said not yet.

[...] I was doing some challenge. I got to a river and was supposed to cross it. It was cloudy and daytime. There were 2 small missile-like items which I picked up because I thought that they were probably necessary once I got to the other side.

... I got to the other side via a long detour through some humid / misty temperate forest. It was very deep green everywhere (~ #0b4). I got to the shore directly opposite where I started and there were 2 boats and another different boat. I was probably supposed to use the missiles but didn't know what to do, so I went back. Apparently some friends had followed me and turned back a little earlier, I flew / swam to catch up to them near the start of the forest path.

[...] I was doing some writing assignment / test for French, writing on the brick wall of our front porch with some light pink chalk. I thought I had written plenty, but my writing was very large so it was barely a few sentences.

[...] We were on a bus going on a field trip. I was sitting beside Abby. I asked her whether she finished reading the french book, and she said no way. I asked her what she wrote for the french assignment, and she asked me back. I said I did not write any analysis only some summaries of events. By this time we were going up a slope that curved to the left, the road / highway was within a forest. It was sunny.
... We arrived and got off the bus. It was sunset, the sun was above the horizon but blocked by some buildings. Us two were walking in a field towards some buildings (diagonally right of the sun), following some others. Abby was telling me a story about her dad taking 27 flights to get to Israel, including 15 flights from Calgary to Vancouver. But additionally, her uncle was arriving by ship in California (or Vancouver?) but they (one of them was named Gary) didn't meet each other. Then we saw a strange aircraft coming down, it had shortish delta wings that were angled downwards at the sides. It was white, and there were 2 rocket engines at the tips of the wings. It seemed to be going entirely backwards so the rockets would be ready to brake. The plane was wobbling a bit, but the pilot (it was probably single seat) was able to control it and landed in the field fairly close to us without using the engines. Abby said something like "did you see that landing" and I said "yeah, backwards too".
The whole aircraft looked somewhat like:

(front / back)   (side, it was travelling to the right)
  ___##___         <#___-------#
 /   ##   \             \______|
/o        o\             \_____[[

We got to the empty parking lot and entrance to a building. The sun was almost fully set. Apparently this was some foreign country (maybe Japan or Korea). There were a few guards (both male and female) standing near the entrance; we were supposed to let them scan some identity cards (they seemed like credit cards). Mine was in the pocket of a thick jacket / coat that I brought and I took it out. One guard tapped the card with a similar card that had a barcode on the side / edge, and a small led flashed green; we went inside the double layer of regular glass doors. While somebody was opening a door, some sort of alarm sounded and I was about to turn around when I woke up and the alarm was the vibration of my phone.

May 3

[...] I was a cat
[...] We were being chased by some type of Galactic Federation

May 4

[...] I drove to someplace in Kanata to run in the very hilly forest paths. I went through a small visitor center-type building; the entrances were open (no doors) and the walls seemed like stone brick. It was fairly hot and summer, bright and sunny. I went through and went down some stairs to the start of the main path. Then I saw Caleb wearing a blue sports shirt like mine and sunglasses, he came from the other direction and stepped onto a large boulder beside the path. The path was dry dirt, and there were many pine needles from the solely pine trees in this area. We said hi and went back to the parking lot. Then Angela joined us, she was also wearing a blue shirt. They went into a large medium-gray SUV (maybe Toyota Highlander) with Caleb driving. He opened his window and we talked a bit more, then they left.
[...] I was in some snow gully / canyon (probably inspired by Golden Compass), looking for something or someone. There were sometimes gusts of wind that blew up the snow and was cold.

May 5

[...] Train

[...] I was watching (as a camera) a group (maybe 5) people walking through some plains. They were wearing Roman-style helmets. It was cloudy and bright. They arrived at a cliff and started descending. I / the camera went over the cliff, started descending and looked down slightly. The cliff fell to a large lush green plain, probably with a river and more mountains in the distance. There was a small village near the base of the cliff. Then we cut to the base of the cliff, looking up and backwards relative to the previous view. The cliff was very tall, gray stone. Then we / the camera were inside a building or cave. The ceiling was somewhat like pointed arch, though with irregularities (it resembled the caves from Golden Compass). There were two spots of lava on the ground, supposedly marking some important spot. Somebody came around the lava spots to the back of the room, and a pillar of stone descended from the ceiling right between the lava spots, stopping before it touched the ground. The pillar had some portal-like structure at its bottom, which was at shoulder height. The "portal" part was similar to the inactive light portal in MP2 and a soap film. The person put his arm / hand into the portal. Then a large column of lava rose around and engulfing the person and pillar. The lava then solidified and then turned into water. The person who was still alive was now floating in the water which was now in a box shape like an aquarium. Then the camera cut inside the aquarium where the person was trying to get out by way of a ventilation fan. The person was worried about getting hypothermia.

[...] Water
I was controlling a boat
The water looked fairly clear and light turquoise (somewhat like tropical islands)

[...] I was walking through a neighborhood street (felt like near Sziladi's house). Then I was walking in a hallway in some commercial building / store. There was a very small Pizza Hut (take out only). One employee cut up a cucumber, I decided to get 2 pieces of supreme pizza, then asked if they had meat lovers.
I was standing near a table waiting, Abby and her mom were sitting at a nearby table.

May 6
[...] We were in a large building, trying to hide from something. We got to a place which was empty before but now the cargo vehicle which we were originally looking for was in here which was good. This room was open to the outside, which was sunny and bright.

May 7
[...] Matto and Lia intended to go to the "herb orchestra"

May 8
[...] In Carleton University somewhere, Matto and Henry were there too. Nighttime.

May 9
[...] Buffet

May 10
[...] In a basement, there was an angel, goblin, and witch around. The witch was holding a torch with some black flame, the goblin was holding some tool that would make the black flame engulf the whole room. I tried to smash the goblin's tool with some hammer thing, but it couldn't be broken, so instead I smashed the witch's torch. Then the angel forced the witch to retreat into some darker room.

May 12
[...] Me and mom were in the car, we saw somebody wearing a tiger hat / head cover, they took it off and talked to it? and put it back on. We tapped on the windows to get the person's attention but then apparently the police came and I was supposed to go to jail for disturbing the person or something. I walked into the building and there were some friendly concierges to the right who said they would take care of the matters.
[...] Then to the left was a small living room style area, with medium-sized windows on 2 sides. There was a thin chandelier from the ceiling (fairly high, but one storey), a couch on the far side, bookshelves along the back, and possibly a carpet covering some parts of the wooden floor. Overall it seemed very cozy. Then a person or humanoid creature came bearing (well, rather wearing) the prison uniform that I was supposed to put on. There was a vertically striped gray and white undershirt and maybe a bright-colored outer garment.
[...] I and the rest of the inmates were hanging out in the living room area. We might have talked for a bit. I picked up some artifact that could tell a story, its two sides were bronze and silver colored and had different captions or something. When I tossed it in the air and caught it again it changed shape and I could listen / read a sentence and flip it over for the next sentence. It was a very cool artifact.

May 13
[...] I walked into a gym where a girls volleyball match was going on, Sarah Baik was on one side and Abby was serving on the same side.
[...] Me and Xiao were playing badminton in the same gym after the volleyball finished.
[...] We were going to lunch? There were some round tables in the atrium, but the layout was not rectangular, it was more like the new part of Destiny USA (gradual curves, darkish materials, surrounded by tall trees / plants at the edge). There was a random black girl (probably someone at CB), I sat between her and Henry. She said her name and we said nice to meet you and shook hands, then she wanted to talk about something in a rather forceful tone?
[...] I was looking at some document describing the school. There were many pictures, and I noticed one of them had an AXI logo, and as I continued looking I found more pictures with the AXI logo in a corner. I was happy that my stuff was actually getting used for something real.

May 14
[...] In some VR game, underwater location (possibly like BioShock). The left controller was spiky and hurt when I used the grip button.
[...] In a hallway (still in the game), some random black boy passed by and said something, I said something back, then his mother caught up and they walked away.
[...] I was riding a gondola or something (still in the game) to a "menu" building. It had large gold letters of the various options on the rounded green roof of each section.
[...] Parent was angry that I loved AXI more than them, I was very sad and maybe cried.

May 15
[...] Robotics? We (possibly including Malav and Allen) were in some small room, maybe packing up things. There was a hidden underground passage that started with some orange Eket boxes beneath the floor and led through a sandy cave area (somewhat like Agon). I started moving stuff down into the sand caves. Eventually we all dropped down into the cave and started walking. Eventually the caves reached the surface and became not sandy (like Lusk). We looked at some photos we previously took of our legs hanging in the air above the sand cave, with an underground river / stream nearby.
[...] There was some (evil?) sword master who was visiting our house. One day he left his sword (looked more like a knife, with a curved blade that had a few black runic inscriptions near one edge) on the entrance table while he went to the garage to talk to his teammates. I took the sword and hid right beside the garage entrance; he came out and we were both surprised then I sliced his neck and ran back into the house and locked the door. But he knocked open the door and ran upstairs to get my sword (which was more conventionally shaped, with many gray runic inscriptions along the flat). I wondered whether it would be better to.

May 16
[...] There were around 7 Alienware computers in the living room, all plugged in and on, in a line with the biggest (white, like a water dispenser, about chest height) next to the bookshelf and the smallest (looked like the router) next to the power outlet near the entrance.

May 21
[...] We were in English class
[...] Me and somebody else were running somewhere, it was cloudy and it looked like storm clouds were coming very soon. There was clear lightning from a low-hanging cloud and we decided to go towards it. It started raining lightly.

May 22
[...] I was sitting in the orchestra, but apparently I forgot to bring my violin. The conductor was very angry. William Dorval who was maybe living in the church where we were said I could use his old violin, which was made of black grippy plastic and had guitar-like strings. The bow was completely broken into pieces (like a block of rosin), so I told the conductor that I would pizz along and it would be fine.

May 23
[...] I was Samus, the ship's left engine was broken (the ship was purple) and therefore it couldn't enter hyperspace or similar. I looked for the part and found it in my own base / garage, in a glass case (it looked like an orange Varia suit part). The base was very dark since the power was off, but the engine part was lit by some small-range lighting inside its enclosure. However, the part was partly being consumed by dark turquoise non-glowing Phazon and apparently its (or my) corruption level was high.
[...] I was running and jumping around outside. Then there were several people gathering apparently for a running or track & field practice. Adam Dufour was there, but when I approached he turned into Rocky. Then we all ran a lap or something and I was having fun jumping and leaping around because of the low gravity.

May 24
[...] We were in some cave trying to get to another area with some large orange mineral crystals. The surroundings seemed sort of like Netherrack. We somehow melted all of the mineral so that we could get through. Then we eventually arrived in some manmade corridor which had 2 corners (180 degree turn) at one end. I went around and we were supposed to protect something or someone. Then some random people came around the U-turn and I had probably a bread knife
[...] Warfare Inc
[...] I heard a beautiful song, a saxophone and clarinet duet with orchestra (somewhat in the style of Combat credits), coming from outside. At first I thought it was animals singing, then I thought maybe it was just some people playing instruments, but I looked outside and there was nobody there only the green plants and not very bright blue sky. So I decided that maybe it was Life or Nature's song and I should write it down. So I went to the computer and opened Musescore, selected the Classical Orchestra option, but then Musescore crashed like Dolphin and emitted a soft buzzing sound. This turned into my alarm and woke up.

May 26
[...] We were at some alpine skiing place, I was snowboarding. We went down a medium-grade slope. It was cloudy and fairly bright. Eventually we reached the bottom and initially split up because there were 5 lifts that went to different quadrants of the mountain. It was night now. There were some small schematic maps on the wall of the main building. We talked a bit and decided to go on lift 4 to a new area.

[...] I was "in" Warfare Inc, after some super-powerful neutral Andys destroyed most of the base (in the north east) and some Free Radicals were coming from the south. I still had 2 security guards and 2 rocket troopers running away to the northwest corner. The remaining enemy units stayed put. Then the game was in 3D and the 4 people were walking along a sunken dirt valley / gully. Then 2 wild creatures came and started attacking, I attacked them back but they had a lot of health. Eventually the creatures were killed but there were only 2? people left. Then I was one of them and we went into the Omni base which was rather cavernous.

May 27
[...] I was in Metroid (Echoes). I was at the beginning of the game, going into some old abandoned building. I opened a sliding door and went into the main room. There was a circular tilted command-room type structure in the middle which was full of cobwebs and stuff. I went around to the other end of the room which had windows letting in nondescript white light.
[...] We were playing some team-vs-team game (many teams). We intended to infiltrate a certain team (who were probably some friends), though we also wanted to protect our own base. Then some other random team teleported into our base and we confronted them. Nobody had any weaponss so we just stood there. I asked the other team if they wanted to read some National Geographic magazines and they said no. Then one of us had a box full of small tasers and we each took one. Then the other team split up to avoid us. Eventually me and another person were at the top of the stairs and we caught 2 members of the other team. The other person on my team shot a mini electric ball at one person and I did the same to the other. Then a third person on the other team threw some sort of grenade at us which either missed or I threw back.

May 28
[...] I was in some modern building, being chased by some enemies. The gameplay was sort of like Last Story.

May 29
[...] We were probably in French class doing some test. I was sitting beside Sharon. The teacher (probably Labrie) said some sort of "hint" was in the small paper cards in the center of the classroom and a bunch of people got up to retrieve them. I went but there wasn't anything useful. Sharon asked me something. Abby Maxwell was sitting facing me or Sharon. Apparently there was some nordic skiing thing on Tuesday and Thursday and also a swimming thing on Thursday. I asked Abby whether the swimming was still in Barrhaven and she said yes.
[...] We were in some sort of game where we had to steal a relic from the other team's base. My character was probably Rodea who was apparently a chipmunk or something; his special ability was apparently to transform into the "real" chipmunk which made him run fast.

May 30
[...] We were watching some play or performance, sitting in an upper part of the theater. I had a violin and was playing along with the performing instruments. David Hao was somewhere to my left.

May 31
[...] I was in some video game where the player was supposed to "mine" planets to get currency. You held X to slow down while orbiting a planet to land safely; also you had to aim properly when going between planets in order to not crash into the surface. After I mined on some planet (maybe Mars) I went back to Earth but landed in the Pacific ocean, and it cost me 333 credits to travel back to my job somewhere in north Argentina.
[...] Some Terraria-type world.
[...] I was trying to shoot a small bird with pins.
[...] We were going back to school, Arnie's dad was dropping us off. I had a very heavy backpack and something else. It was cloudy but bright outside. I saw Caleb coming and said hi and said that I dreamt about him. I went inside and looked around. The inner part had cafeteria tables and extended farther left (it looked somewhat like an airport wing). The lighting was now very warm and a little darker. I saw Anthony sitting at a table probably fixing some robot. There was lots of food around and apparently it was a buffet. There were also plenty of random people that I didn't know. Farther in / to the left I met David H sitting at a table and lots more of my friends. I told David that I dreamt about him.

June 4
[...] Alex MP

June 5
[...] Minecraft

June 6
[...] Matto

June 8
[...] We were in some small underground building. Apparently the cost of entry was your report card. I met Jarrad there.  Then we were preparing / lining up for a race (I was probably #29). I sat down in my spot (we were probably in rows of 3). Henry was right behind me and there were lots of familiar faces all around. There were boys and girls. Henry said to me "do you know who this is?" referring to the girl on his left. She was wearing a bright red-pink shirt and had black and silver hair. I said no and Henry said it was Angela Gao! She raised her head and it was indeed Angela. We were happy to see each other.
[...] I was running in a race? There was probably strong wind and/or low gravity so I had to squat very low and take large steps sideways.
[...] We were sitting on a large rotating ring floating in the air. Everything was brownish including the sky and possibly water below us. Apparently we were being attacked by creatures. There was a big red exercise ball rolling on the inside of the ring that we needed to avoid when it came around. There was also some frog or turtle sitting on a small platform in the center of the ring that we wanted to kill. We tried hitting it with meter sticks but it was out of reach so I decided to try shooting it with a bow and arrows.
[...] We were on some old ship, we were being attacked by pirates or something. Me and somebody else had some objects that we could hit the pirates with to knock them overboard, which we did a few times.

June 9
[...] I was with Matto inside some abandoned building. It was nighttime and dark inside. We saw a train? with several cars, some were light gray with signs and some were black. We remarked on something about the train. Then we were in a small room with a round table or globe in the middle (like a Star Wars command room). We walked beneath the globe and apparently there was a mini black hole a few meters away. We walked away from it and out of the room, and Matto said we needed to escape / evacuate from the radiation of the black hole. We found a small couch that was attached to a rocket, I put a cover over it and activated the rocket and we sat on the couch. The rocket went through the roof and after a second it pulled us through too.
[...] I was playing MP3, inside the gunship the save menu was like Skyward Sword.
[...] Me and Alan playing X-Plane

June 11
[...] We were going to some place. It was very crowded. It was cloudy and bright. We went down a gradual ramp through the crowds and got to our destination. When we tried to go back up the ramp, a group of girls blocked our way, and they forcefully blocked us when we tried to push past. They were very pretty and probably all white.
[...] I was a character sitting in the shade of a small shelter in a rocky desert (probably inspired by Unreal demo). It was sunny but the rocks and blue sky were rather dull. Somebody told me to "make something" with a piece of rock that had blue minerals in it. I took apart the rock into layers then mixed it with some yellow and green pigments from somewhere. Apparently I could forsee the future or something using minerals and crystals. And apparently I was supposed to discover that I was my own child or something.

June 13
[...] I cleared the sweg@axi.x10.mx email data.
[...] ??? There was a female who was a head of state or something

June 14
[...] I had a French Horn and played a note

June 17
[...] We were walking / running along a trail. Me and Aidan O'Brien were in front, and we stopped to let the other 2 people catch up. It started raining moderately. It was cloudy and pretty blue.

June 18
[...] I was walking along the backyard path towards the road, then started leaping due to low gravity. Then there were some people talking at the intersection so I jumped and floated over them and turned left. It was cloudy and probably close to sunset.

======== End ========

More dreams coming soon!