Potato Dreams

Dreams from a Potato friend.

Potato's Dreams


Aug 1
I dreamt that Mr Skuce was promoting/selling medicine for bumblebees, with a whole operatic advertisement, while Villimé was stabbing random wasps and people with a syringe, claiming he was vaccinating them

Aug 4
Just had a dream where Mme Bordeleau was teaching French in CB

Aug 19 [not a dream]
I usually fly around for a bit but wake up soon after / In the few lucid dreams I've had

Aug 26
Had an odd dream
Me, you, matto, and a few other students went skydiving
Was extremely scared/nervous in the dream about skydiving, since I had no experience doing so
But then I realised I was within a dream, and mentioned that fact to others in the dream
So instead when we jumped off the plane, it was only like a few metres off the ground, despite the horizon initially looking like all clouds
[what was the plane and ground like?]
Plane was quite drab and hazardous
All dull metal, no paint on the inside
Parachutes were in these backpacks supposedly
Side of the airplane open because we were skydiving
But none of the safety features
Ground was indistinct because of high speed
A grassy and muddy blur
But once we jumped off we landed on the ground normally, as if momentum/velocity of the plane didn't apply

Sep 9
I very vaguely and indistinctly remember a dream involving many explosions

Sep 25
Time does seem dilated in dreams
Just had a rather odd one where I was bleedingn out in a hospital
Before bunch of a CB classmates showed up and started singing the Chinese national anthem
[recognize any of them?]
I seem to recall Steven Yang and Anna Wang

Sep 28
Had a dream where you, Matt, and I were playing a Zelda game
Largely with the aesthetic of twilight princess (and called Westphalian princess in the dream world), but seemed to have Skyward Sword mechanics
Before Mr Nurse told us to stop and do percussion
[were we "in" the game or playing on a screen?]
Just playing the game on a screen
Same recurring setting of a room in an extraordinarily large shopping complex
Think Ikea sized
There were a bunch of other random CB kids (mostly from Link crew) around too

Oct 18
Large school-wide field trip in some place in Montreal
We had to evacuate the building we were staying at—some warehouse—because all the students that plugged their electronics into outlets had apparently caused an electrical fire
So me, you, Matto, and someone else (it was either Villimé or Steven Yang) went for a run in Montreal
We came across this very odd traffic-control bridge system that was largely made of wood 
There was a long line that we had to wait in (sort of like waiting systems you might see at an amusement park)
When it was my term to cross the bridge, it suddenly dropped underneath me, and I had to climb back up
(This was not a very impressive bridge, mind you, about 2-3 m above water)
So I climbed out of water and then two people managing the bridge gave a photoshopped image of me as an apology, which I remember quite distinctly to be very odd
They’d photoshopped an image of my face onto an infant, set in the background of clouds in the sky with many military-type airplanes, as well as a translucent American flag
After I left, I caught up to the group in some museum (I vaguely recall it was spy-related) where you and matto were laughing quite hysterically about some crocs (the rubber sandals)
La Fin

Oct 31
Rather odd dream that felt unusually realistic
Felt like had recurring elements of previous dreams too
Me, you, Matto, Villimé, Gabriel Karasik, and other CB people were going around a school
It felt very similar in design to CB and VM combined, though with some notable differences
It was taller and more of an enclosed shape
I distinctly remember there was long and high stairwell
The seasons were all over the place
When we first went to the portable, everyone was in a rather jovial mood
Villimé was somewhat aggressive however, giving people headlocks
When we went to the portable, it was snowing moderately outside
At the end of the day, going out the front door, it was a bright sunny summer day
Oh yeah, we were in a fancy-looking cafeteria in the school prior to that
Where Mme Bordeleau was standing in line
At the end of the day, I missed my school bus, since I accidentally took an OC Transpo bus
Aliya was there for some reason, talking loudly in a phone call (don’t recall what it was about tho)
I took out my wallet to pay for bus fare, and realised I mostly had rare-looking coins among normal currency
Two Canadian 50 cent coin, one normal-sized, the other with a diameter of about 10cm
Some colourful toonies with auroras painted on them
On the bus ride, I got a frantic phone call from my grandma
Saying she read that I was suspended by the school for jumping in a dumpster
I was confused and tried explaining to her that I was in fact in a bus, not a dumpster
But I had forgotten the chinese word for a city bus (though not school bus), and was having difficulty explaining that to her
And then I was woken up irl by my alarm
La fin

Nov 18
Just had quite the dream
It was spring or summer, and some homeless guy had stolen something from my lawn
(I think a rake or smth)
So I chased him down my street, Bowercrest
And then turned left onto Coral Berry
But about 1/3 of the way down the street
I was stopped by a gang
Consisting of 2 adults I didn't recognize, Aadi, and the younger brother of an acquaintance I haven't spoken to in years
And they proceeded to beat me up and rob me of my wallet, my phone, and a powerbank
I was then forcibly brought into their house, where the younger brother of the acquaintance (who was like 12 or smth)
Proceeded to try and lash at me with a wooden board
But then he got tired, so we played Super Smash Bros together
La fin
[what was the interior of their house like?]
It was somewhat unlike that of houses in my neighbourhood
Woolen carpets
They were a beige colour
Living room directly on your left as you entered the home
A television in the middle of the living room
Not many furniture, other than a single black couch
Can't remember much else

Nov 24
Just had quite the odd/spooky nightmare
POV of the world resembled half normal world, half cartoonish drawing style of objects and people
Found myself in recurring setting of an immensely large locker room, with the surface area of a large ballroom
I remember some disconcerting cartoonish style people, somewhat in the style of the art cover of those Goosebumps books, came in
When some sort of painting appeared from nowhere containing a clown demon that seemed to be flitting in and out of reality
And started telekinetically killing people
I remember one very specific thing of magically switching the two femurs of a person
Probably the most violent and disconcerting dream I have in recent memory
Not sure what might’ve brought it on

Dec 1
I was listening to a sci fi short story as I was falling asleep and had the oddest dream
Turned from a high school setting, except it straight up looked like a jail
Into a Maze Runner-like plot
Into a combination sci-fi/spy movie-like setting
I remember at some point reciting an advertisement for NordVPN, and laughing like mad
And dream-world people didn't know wtf I was saying, because of course there's no NordVPN in that world


Jan 2
I just had a series of brief and odd dreams
I vaguely recall living in a trailer with 5 cats, which wouldn’t stop defecating everywhere
That transitioned into a dream involving many superheroes like iron man
Before again turning into a road trip where I was riding a motorbike with several acquaintances
But I was concerned, because I wasn’t sure if G1 license was valid for motorbikes
Eventually arrived at a museum of some kind
Where ticket price was half off if we took off our shoes
Was an absolute stampede of people on that arts museum
La fin

Jam 25
Don’t remember many details, but actually had quite the fun dream
Vaguely recall first half of dream involving lots of downhill skiing
Second half, was working with a some stranger (purportedly a classmate in dream world) on a French book murder mystery
Where we were trying to find out how a person died and solve it

Jan 30
Had a dream where I was spectating a conversation
In a third-person perspective, but invisible
It involved two characters speaking deeply to each other in conversation (don’t remember the specific contents, smth smth familial relationships)
But the setting was very cool and interesting
I was on like a moving platform/elevator, whose appearance/design kept changing
But overall had a very cyberpunk aesthetic
And there were like appearing and then disappearing windows to the outside world, showing super beautiful outside cityscapes
At one point moving room’s dimensions not much bigger than a normal elevator
Then just seconds later became like as large as an opulent ballroom
Felt like I was in a world that was part-Akira part-Howl’s Moving Castle, was very cool
[was it day or night?]
Lighting inside the morphing room was very dark, but windows to outside showed it was daytime

Feb 15
Had very very odd dream
Me, you, Matthee, Villimè, Gabriel, and other VM people and a fee CB people were on a field trip on the bus, heading to many different places
1st destination was an unknown place in a suburban setting, with a building with a sign saying ‘Lisgar Collegiate Institute’
It was a most garish sign, piss yellow times new roman, against a grey-ish building
Anyhow, people in the bus were yelling and insulting people at Lisgar
While the bus driver kept driving the bus in a loop of the school
The building was quite oddly shaped, like designed more like a governmental building, but made of marble and (from top-down view) shaped like a lunar crescent
Multiple stories tall
That happened for a while, and then the bus drove away
Other odd things happened on the bus
Everyone singing songs together
I also distinctly remember me picking up coins on the ground, but I don’t remember why
The school bus eventually took us to a train station/museum of some sort
It was very dangerous, and had small trains running everywhere, in a looping grid
In a very large room, length and width of perhaps hundreds of metres long
[ Diagram ]
Top down view of room, where curved lines are rail-road tracks that trains would run on
And we were told to play tag inside, which we did
Miraculously, nobody died
Afterwards, we were walking outside along 2 parallel railroad tracks on an elevated platform
It was suddenly very snow outside (while at the Lisgar location prior, it could’ve been spring or fall)
2 people, one of them was from CB and one unknown person, had the bright idea of crossing the tracks
Apparently the tracks were magical, because they suddenly turned 15 years younger and became toddlers on the track
Helpless to avoid the train about to crush them
So 2 teachers had to go to the tracks and save/retrieve them
After that whole incident, we later went downtown to some sort of store
Seemed quite an old building, as was quite creaky and completely seemingly made of wood
Had many different candies, all ridiculously priced
Like ~3 CAD for a single starburst
We later also went to a section of the store with 3D-printed pokemon figures, that was cool
There was miniature gyrados
We later went to a restaurant of some kind
There, I wanted to get food
But Ms. Eichel from VM, who was apparently on the field trip, admonished me, saying how poor of a job I did parking my car and told me to re-park it
I tried to protest that firstly, I didn’t have a car, and secondly, we arrived on a school bus
She told me, “no excuses!”
The location’s design was rather similar to Barrhaven marketplace
So I had the bright idea of breaking into a poorly-parked yellow car (that wasn’t mine) to fix it
Despite being an automatic car, the controls were all wonky (break pedal didn’t work, etc.)
So I ended up slowly hitting a curb, causing some light damage to car’s front
A policeman came by and saw the damage
He swore at me and then violently assaulted me, and then issued me a mountain of citations
La fin

Feb 17
Had a dream where I was playing Marche Militaire on the CB piano
Just woke up and realised the notes I was playing were totally wrong

Feb 24
Had a dream where I was giving a tour of my neighbourhood to an older Fidel Castro

Mar 24
Had m very long dream trying to find my classes at CB, though the building were drastically modified in some ways
Science labs were painted a very ugly shade of lime green
For some reason, Mme Bordeleau was teaching French at CB, and HL math classes were in science labs
There were also more, and larger, portables behind the school
For some reason, there were also a few new stairways (though exclusively for the use of 9th graders)
Unusually, compared to other dreams, I was able to rather precisely track the time elapsed (in dream-world logic anyhow)
Did French 1st period, went to the wrong class (which had no teacher) for 40 minutes in 2nd period
For some reason Gabriel Karasik was in that class too
I spent the remainder of period 2 wandering around the school, trying to find where I was supposed to be, but then the lunch bell rang
Soon, through the dream, I spontaneously remembered that I go to university, not high school, and was very confused why I was at CB
Suddenly, BBC news started playing on TV screens, announcing that China has given asylum for some person in Hong Kong to go to Russia
Which was odd because, yknow, China doesn’t decide how Russia grants refugee status
La fin


May 13
Had quite the odd dream this morning
It involved Andrew Cao video calling me on a bus in Vancouver with a bunch of people to go on a birdwatching trip in the mountains of all places. The dream was also interlaced with some video gameplay that seemed like a combination of pokemon and super mario galaxy and some future fantasy/sci-fi dystopia. I was apparently trying to smuggle psilocybin across international borders in the dream, except I had to trade it in to some seer person that turned my shrooms into a sentient companion tree. The dream also involved me entering an elevator and being presented with various horror movie scenarios.

Background: sculpt of Potato's head.