AgentX Industries has always had an interest in developing automotive technology.
Our newest investment is the 2021 AXI Aetheria.

The 2021 AXI Aetheria: Ackermann steering; dual-speed gearbox.

The 2019 Phantom AWD: Terrain-Select Adaptive Traction; 4-wheel multilink suspension.

2019 Phantom AWD in snow

The 2018 Phantom M: powerful 10.8W dual electric motors; 4-wheel independent suspension.

Phantom M rear view in driveway AXI Phantom M in snow, rear view Phantom M in snow Studio shot of Phantom M with headlights and trim

The 2016 Phantom AWD: 1st-gen switchable drive with traction control.

2016 Phantom AWD rear view

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AXI develops software on multiple programming platforms, including Flash, Scratch, Python, and Minecraft.

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