Here is some music I have composed. It's mostly synthesised using Musescore and Polyphone, but some real-life recordings are here too.


Extended version of "Tempered Vision". (Jun 15)

Some violin play-along recordings of recent pieces. (May 28)

Completed version of previous. (May 25)
PDF score

Draft of a new piece. (May 20)

Longer version of the previous piece, and recorded. (May 8)
PDF score

Short piece for violin and piano. (May 1)
PDF score

Inspired by the trailer music / main theme of Pandora's Tower, itself based on Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem. (Apr 28)
PDF score

Taking a bit from Star Wars . (Mar 28)

Orchestration using the style of P3. (Mar 2)

Violin recordings. (Feb 28)

Experimenting with a "spooky" feeling. (Feb 18)

Short humorous tune. (Jan 31)

Trying out percussion and a "battle" theme. (Jan 15)

First orchestral movie-music with structure and nice soundfonts. (Jan 7)

Random piano thing. (Jan 2)


Original longer track intended for the Aetheria trailer. (Nov 20)

AXI Combat credits music. (Nov 20)

Extended Plains Night. (Oct 12)

Pretty nice, except for the ending. (Aug 14)

Another new track. (June 20)

Here are two new tracks. (June 17)

Here is an early version of the environmental track used in the AXI Combat main menu. (April 5)

A collection of short 4/4 sections. PDF version. (April 1)

Since much of this was done when school was still in full swing, it is fairly boring / dark.

Some music / composer sites: Jamie Christopherson, Rebecca Tripp, Fiechters, Fox Amoore, WoW.