Original longer track intended for the Aetheria trailer. (Nov 20)

AXI Combat credits music. (Nov 20)

Extended Plains Night. (Oct 12)

I love this one! Except for the ending. (Aug 14)

Another new track. (June 20)

Here are two new tracks. (June 17)

Here is an early version of the environmental track used in the AXI Combat main menu. (April 5)

A collection of short 4/4 sections. PNG score shown below, PDF version, Musescore file. (April 1)

Since much of this was done when school was still in full swing, it is fairly dark.

More music coming sometime.

A comprehensive sample of Louis's dreams.

The Golden Compass Game has some excellent music by Jamie Christopherson.

Also, here is a visual diagram of Math Kangaroo rankings.