AXI Visualizer

The Visualizer uses modern advanced rendering techniques, such as trilinear texture filtering and percentage-closer shadow map filtering.

A full feature list is as follows:

From top left, clockwise: raymarched volumetric lighting; clouds with per-pixel lit geometry and alpha shaders; shadow & illumination catcher with HDR skybox; particle systems and point lights.

For some videos visit our main site.

AXI Visualizer uses a tiled scanline rasterization engine. Here is how it will work.

Step 1: Triangle setup - projection, frustrum culling. Atomic insert triangle indexes by block depending on projected size.

Step 2: Gather - compact triangle indexes.

Step 3: Coarse rasterization - rasterize indexes into 128-index buffer per 8x8 tile. This entails use of LOD for larger scenes.

Step 4: Fine rasterization - 1 thread per triangle in a tile. Each block works on one tile. Local z-buffer and index-access buffer, if multiple accesses then use local thread index to sequentially determine min depth.

Step 5/0: Clear buffers.

Here are some Depth of Field renders of some Minecraft models.