A collection of test images from the AXI Visualizer 3D engine.
Also some other random stuff.

Postprocess SSAO and DoF!

Normal mapping!

Raymarched volumetric fog lighting with 2-lobe HG phase function.

Procedural Streaming Terrain generation.

CB Atrium.

Bugs in AXI Combat v0.9.2

Minecraft stuff with awesome HDR, SSR, GI, and temporal accumulation.

Crowd simulation is in development.

Screen Space Reflections are now available!

Some fun with Depth of Field in AXI Visualizer. Uses the accumulation-buffer method.

Another Minecraft model at night with the new water shader.

Fun with particle systems.

Minecraft designs rendered using AXI Visualizer v25, with Global Illumination by reflective shadowmap.

Fun with Global Illumination and Minecraft models.

Procedural sky and clouds are coming soon.

Pseudo-volumetric lighting test.

HDR demonstration

Miscellaneous photos.

Some old sketches.

Random music.

A sample of dreams: /D2_.html .