AXI Visualizer Help

For a detailed guide, visit the Animator start page.


Left-click and drag to pan around. Right-click and drag (or Ctrl+Left-click) to look around. ASDW to move around.

The controls are also listed in the Help section (lower right corner) when AXI Visualizer is started.


If pressed keys are not doing anything, click or right-click on the render screen and try again.

If AXI Visualizer is slow or does not work at all, try the steps outlined below for changing OpenCL devices.

Importing models and objects

Models must be in the .obj format, and they must have texture coordinates and normals.

There are many converters out there. Assimp is the most versatile converter. We recommend Meshlab to generate texcoords and normals if they are missing and also to convert .3ds models. Blender is a larger suite which has good conversion support. Autodesk FBX Converter works well with .fbx and .dae formats. If you are on Windows 10, the built-in 3D Builder can import .gltf files.

When importing a model, if an error message pops up and the last two lines are like

n = self.vns[int(s.split("/")[2]... 
IndexError: list index out of range

then your model does not have normals. Download Meshlab, use it to open the model and export it (Meshlab will automatically generate vertex normals).

If AXI Visualizer freezes, just close the window and restart it. There may also be an error message in the terminal or in another window.

Try not to import the same object multiple times. If necessary, rename the textures to something different (eg. append a "1") and update the .mtl file.


If AXI Visualizer does not start at all, the render screen is black, or a terminal window briefly appears, there is likely a problem with the OpenCL driver.

In this case, look for a file named "CLInfo.txt" and open it. If there are multiple devices listed then look for "Settings.txt" and change the 0:0 to whatever is inside the square brackets for the device you want to use. Relaunch AXI Visualizer; if it still doesn't start try using another device, if available.

If the above does not work, try installing the latest drivers for your graphics card. If you do not have a graphics card try installing the AMD APP SDK or the Intel OpenCL Runtime.

AXI Visualizer has been tested and definitely works on various configurations:

Apple/Mac Intel CPUs generally have poor OpenCL support.

Some test configurations:

A full list of test configurations is available.