AXI Combat

AXI Combat is a networked multiplayer game built on the AXI Visualizer 3D engine.

This page is for old versions. The latest version is at the Combat page.

AXI Combat is almost here! Say hi to our 2 new characters!

The AXI Combat Prerelease is available now!

The AXI Combat Alpha v0.9.5 is available here. Features: lighting effects, new mechanics, new UI, new arena, more music.

If the OSX app doesn't exit properly, then try directly running the executable AXI_Combat_1 inside the app folder.

The AXI Combat Alpha v0.9.1 featured new projectile types, new arena, TCP server, and preview music.

The AXI Combat Demo was available here.

You may need a zip extraction tool that can handle passwords. The product key is AXIApproved!.

AMD, Nvidia, and Intel should provide OpenCL support in their drivers.

The Visualizer has many advanced features that enable industry-standard quality for realtime applications.

Left: SSR water shader, per-pixel Lambert illumination.
Right: Global Illumination in a complex scene, SSR water shader with temporal accumulation.

Here is a video preview of AXI Combat features.