AXI Visualizer

The AXI Visualizer is a complete software 3D engine built on Python and OpenCL. Python is used for the high-level management and frontend for ease of development, while OpenCL kernels are used for the actual rendering process for performance.

Writing the graphics pipeline in OpenCL allows the Visualizer to be fully customizable and moreover accessible (no more memorizing hundreds of OpenGL functions in one namespace!).

Using OpenCL also means that AXI Visualizer can run on any hardware, including both GPU and CPU. The Visualizer has been extensively tested and runs well with most combinations of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia devices on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

The AXI Visualizer is free software (free as in freedom) and open source under GPLv3.

The Visualizer has many advanced features that enable industry-standard quality for realtime applications.

Left: SSR water shader, per-pixel Lambert illumination.
Right: Global Illumination in a complex scene, SSR shader with temporal accumulation.

Visit the AXI Visualizer Album for a comprehensive showcase of our graphics engine developments.

The AXI Visualizer: Animator is now available for Windows and Mac.

It includes tools for rigging, skinning, and posing any type of model.

You may need a zip extraction tool that can handle passwords. Contact us for a product key.

AMD, Nvidia, and Intel should provide OpenCL support in their drivers.

Compare Minecraft native (left) with AXI Visualizer (right). Click and drag to compare. Notice how on the right side, the lights are much more visible, and the falloff is much more realistic. In addition, the sun casts colored light that is accurately shadowed and reflected by the global illumination algorithm.


This Minecraft model was created by our team in 2016; Mineways was used to convert it to a .obj which could be imported into AXI Visualizer.

For some videos visit our main site.

The AXI Visualizer Shading Language (AVSL) is in development.