AgentX Industries provides 3D modeling of structures and architectual services. Whether it be revising the plan of a new conference center, deciding the layout of your next dream home, terraforming an alien world, or maintaining a snowfort, AXI has the tools and the personnel for the job.

Here is a sample of our Minecraft designs. The second one is rendered with AXI Visualizer.

Minecraft house Minecraft atrium with AXI Visualizer

Where Minecraft's cubic framework is not suitable for a project, consider using the AXI Visualizer. An object-oriented, modular API provides direct access to our OpenCL-accelerated rendering pipeline, while object groups, lighting and shadows, and texture support provide the comfort of a full-fledged development & design application.

For more photos from AXI Visualizer, see our album.

The AXI Visualizer is free software and open source under GPLv3.

AXI Combat is now available!

Brokerage Services

AXI offers award-winning brokerage services with AgentX Investments

Sponsor Services

AgentX Industries sponsors a variety of events and organizations.

Internashonal Jarrad Deh is an event celebrated by many people, in various countries around the world, including Canada and France. AXI is pleased to sponsor its activities. It occurs every March 31st.

To find out more about Internashonal Jarrad Deh and how to celebrate it, please contact us.